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    MG90 servo source for adapt a damper

    Another option proving to be reliable for several members are the vorpal tower pro MG90
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    PID tuning

    A P value of 20 is almost surely too high (which is probably why it seemed too twitchy). The P value is multiplied by temperature error. Fun to experiment with tunings, but hard to dial in because most smokers respond slowly, take a while to stabilize, and are not consistent due to variable...
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    Assembly - beginner question

    IMHO, For the WSM I would recommend the adapt a damper. The micro damper works, but the fan is barely enough. It was designed more for the insulated grills like kamodo.
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    BS170....are they all the same?

    If you support the leg with a pair of thin needle needle nose (so pressure is not applied to plastic) and the either a second set of pliers or a socket or thin tube to bend the lead you will be less likely to break.
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    New 4.2 Pi Zero W build won't boot

    Ha, such a relatable comment.
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    Prevent overshooting

    Try lowering the fan max (start with 60%). I would guess the fire gets stoked up too much. Also sealing any leaks helps. What type of smoker, and how is the blower/servo attached?
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    New 4.2 Pi Zero W build won't boot

    If you examine the schematic for the JP1 header, there are several unconnected pins (I count 12), and those could be omitted.
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    Help needed on sms settings for consumer cellular

    You have to figure out who the underlying carrier is for your consumer cellular. Then try to email that from your phone or computer to make sure it works. It should be either att or T-Mobile.
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    Beginner questions

    Looks like a pretty complete list for starters. You actually need the "WH" version of the Pi zero or you buy the header and solder it yourself. The Pi mounts to the heatermeter board using header. Many people also use servo operated dampers, like the adapt-a-damper in the sticky, but it...
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    How to find HM IP Address

    Looks to me like your wireless connection is never established. Are you sure the settings are correct? Maybe reconfigure the SSID and password. You also imply it is not visible from the router. Also and setting a static IP in your router is the way to go, as mentioned above once you get the wifi...
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    Pit probe all over the place??

    Could it be you are mixing grounded and ungrounded probes?
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    Button ADC readings wrong for one (of two) Heatermeters

    Check that you have the correct part installed for 3.3v regulator IC4 as it looks just like one of the mosfets.
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    Using two fans for heatermeter

    The stock 6.5 CFM fan is more than enough if it is not tool restricted. May need a larger opening? If you power the fan with 12v on the bench, you will see it has adequate airflow. If you want to go the two fan route, I think it could handle two wired in parallel since they are only 0.23A each...
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    The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

    Congrats, looks pretty cool.
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    Instructions for the SMD part?

    Those are some pretty great directions Ralph. Thanks for taking the time to put them together, I may build one someday.
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    4.3 problems

    Start by checking voltages at the power pins using this as a guide
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    Button ADC readings wrong for one (of two) Heatermeters

    Well, rules that out. I am no expert in this just looking at the schematic and guessing. You already tried swapping Atmega so that's not it. Perhaps check all the power inputs to Atmega, pins 7, 20, and Aref pin 21. Also check voltage at all analog input pins 23-28 just to make sure they are not...