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    Greetings from St Petersburg Florida

    Hi Garry, WELCOME!!!!! It's so good to see another Floridian joining the group. I don't know anything about grilling but I am just loaded with a lot of recipes I share here. Hope you will enjoy some and give them a try.
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    Pastrami Burgers

    Thank you Tim and Rich, and all of you again. It really means so much to me. If any of you have noticed in the few pictures I've posted so far that the plates are different, here is why. Some years ago, we went to a few second hand stores and bought a lot of different plates. Just to finally...
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    Pastrami Burgers

    Thanks guys for the "likes" and the kind words.!!!!!
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    It's Slow-Cooker Time

    DH made this again today. Didn't notice this last time, but the red cabbage seemed to come out kind of tasteless. If we make this again, I think we will save the cabbage to put in closer to the finish time.
  5. J

    Practice Comp cook at house

    Hi and WELCOME fellow Floridian. Congratulations!!!!!! Please keep us informed on what is happening. Mmmmmm!!!! Just enlarged the pictures. Everything looks so good, especially those ribs.
  6. J

    Pastrami Burgers

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! It's not that great of a shot of the burger, but at least DH can see the mac and cheese lol
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    emergency horseradish sauce could be my new standard

    I was just wondering if it was pretty potent grating it.
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    Emergency Horseradish Sauce

    I was just wondering if it was pretty potent grating it.
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    emergency horseradish sauce could be my new standard

    Does anyone grate their own horseradish?
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    Emergency Horseradish Sauce

    Does anyone grate their own horseradish?
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    Greetings from Smyrna, Georgia

    Welcome Scott, very nice picture of you and your human. lol
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    The Best Baby Back Ribs

    I don't know if these were "The Best" but they were very delicious. Served with corn on the cob and "Smashed Potatoes"
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    Pastrami Burgers

    I just don't understand what is going on. The picture of the empty plate was the last picture taken. He sent that one first. I posted it first as a joke. And since then he has tried over and over to send the picture of the burgers he made. And no luck. Yesterday he installed a new printer for...
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    I just checked out this site, they look good. My darn printer is not working, so sticking them here till later
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    Pastrami Burgers

    Hi Bill, thanks. The only thing I can say is we enjoyed them. I think if we make them again, DH will make the burgers smaller. lol You know me, I can keep burger recipes going all day long. lol
  16. J

    Pastrami Burgers

    Thanks guys, I'm still waiting also. Did you see the recipe on the beef thread? It really was very good.
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    Pastrami Burgers

    Still haven't received it, so posted a link on the beef thread (messed up and posted it twice, sorry)
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    Pastrami Burgers
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    Pastrami Burgers Duplicate post, don't use.
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    Pastrami Burgers

    Sorry, just killing time until the picture of the burger shows up that DH sent. For some reason, it won't go through, he has sent it 4 or 5 times.