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  1. Timothy F. Lewis

    A higher degree of elegance!

    Well, my amazing cabinetmaker friend and his partner in business redid my entire back wall, removing old funky French doors with nice Anderson windows and one slider then, my wonderful wife poked her head put the new door and said: “Do you guys have time to build a deck?” After I changed my...
  2. Timothy F. Lewis

    Weekend birthday feast part Deux!

    I suppose this is actually part one, family and a buddy over for some snacking brisket and cake!
  3. Timothy F. Lewis

    Belated Happy Birthday dinner!

    The day was actually yesterday but, an enormous pork tenderloin sandwich and two flagons of barley pop was not going to let me enjoy the lamb I had planned so, I’m extending my birthday (through Saturday actually but, that will be another thread, maybe.) feasting. Tonight rack of lamb : ...
  4. Timothy F. Lewis

    Smaller than normal summer party

    Since I couldn’t have the regular early summer birthday bash for both grandchildren and wife’s son, we finally got around to having I much quieter one later with the kids great grandmother too. Overnight pulled pork,
  5. Timothy F. Lewis

    Vacation feasting!

    Keeping this short and sweet, limited access up here:
  6. Timothy F. Lewis

    Road scrap fire pit ideas

    The crew dropped off a round catch basin casting (300lb) which I am giving to wife’s son for their back yard as well as the rest of a “Curb Cut” square one (about 400 lb.) which I’m trying to figure out the best way to use it for a different design, right now I’m thinking a couple of courses of...
  7. Timothy F. Lewis

    Heavy as sin out door fire grate?

    As I have said for the last almost eight weeks, there is a big road, water service, sewer, project going on right in front of me with lots of scrap being piled up. I was walking down the street (had to get out!) and I saw a storm drain grate sitting there. Just wondering if anyone had tried...
  8. Timothy F. Lewis

    Shame on me!!!

    I forgot to wish the ever so kind Mr. Rich Dahl greetings and felicitations on his natal anniversary! Rich, you share your knowledge and experience so freely on this site, I will never be able to repay the debt! I hope you and Barb stay safe and healthy as long as the grass grows. I thank you...
  9. Timothy F. Lewis

    Oven cleaning of flavorizer bars?

    Is there any reason NOT to simply stick FB in the oven and run a “clean” cycle? Seems like it would be better than the oven cleaner/ garbage bag followed by washing, no? This is my first, full season, using a gas grill so, I’m genuinely curious! Help me Obi Wan, help me!
  10. Timothy F. Lewis

    Space making butt smoke

    I needed to make some room in the deep freezer so, this Butt was evicted along with a bag of wings. The wings went into the baby freezer which had to get rid of blue ice to make room there. Anyway, the butt had thawed and I have no room for much of anything. So, I made up a quick rub and went...
  11. Timothy F. Lewis

    Lost marrow recipe, help?

    Someone posted a wonderful looking smoked marrow bone recipe a while back and I can’t find it. Seems like it was smoked and then served with toast points and bacon jelly, can anyone help me out with that?
  12. Timothy F. Lewis

    Replacement center for GBS?

    I have a feeling this has been discussed before but, I’ll be jiggered if I can find the thread! Anyway, I was looking at the center of my GBS grate and it looks like I’ve started to go through the chrome plating. Is there a SS replacement center out there? RCPlanebuyer? I saw nothing on Amazon.
  13. Timothy F. Lewis

    Daddy Jack’s cooking with the blues

    Have you folks checked out Jack Chaplin’s YouTube channels? Chaplin classics and cooking with the blues. He is the FIRST guy I’ve posted to that has personally replied. The guy is a real “Working the line” chef, understands the whole get people fed in a reasonable amount of time kind of guy. I...
  14. Timothy F. Lewis

    Found a new source

    A new Latino grocery store opened up about a mile away so, I decided it was a pretty morning for a walk down and see what they had. They had some nice looking Flanken ribs so, I’ll wander back and pick up a few and play with those pretty soon, they were $2.99/lb. so I didn’t think that seemed...
  15. Timothy F. Lewis

    Heatshield product review!

    Wow Chris, that looks like a great piece of equipment!! I see the item on their website but, don’t see a retailer or pricing information.
  16. Timothy F. Lewis

    Last straw unless...

    I’ve had Maverick TM-03 timers for over fifteen years, the first one lasted 10, the second, an hour, the third a week, the last one has made it barely a year! Well, that might be a little harsh but, I tried a couple between first and third just to be disgusted with the lousy quality of available...
  17. Timothy F. Lewis

    Cold, wet, but, not too windy!

    After the less than stellar barbecue from the joint in Grant, AL. Followed by some truly masterful pork in South Carolina, I decided that I really had to smoke a nice butt! Yesterday was as glorious as one could have asked for sunny and 70 degrees. Today, not so much, rain on and off but, not a...
  18. Timothy F. Lewis

    South Carolina > Greenville: Bucky's BBQ

    Bucky's BBQ 1700 Roper Mountain Rd Greenville, SC 29615 Try Bucky’s! We were at the Roper road place, sampler platter was $12.99 nice serving of chopped pork, great ribs, have not had the chicken yet but, everything was outstanding! Mac and cheese was nice “soft style”...
  19. Timothy F. Lewis

    Fair warning, may be moved!

    I need a little guidance from “locals” Heading out on a bit of a less than total pleasure trip next week. More a hurried “see family in a bit of a rush” kind of thing. Long and short of it, heading south from here to northern Alabama on Monday, not sure if a lunch stop in Louisville is feasible...
  20. Timothy F. Lewis

    After years of searching!

    I have been told and told and told that skin on pork bellies are NOT available in Michigan. I’ve never really believed it but I finally googled “why can’t I?” And up pops a place about 40 miles away that offers it right there! I will finally be able to try doing Porchetta! Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmm! I am...