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  1. BFletcher

    Beginner's bread

    Inspired by several on this forum, I'm interested in developing a routine for some nice pizza. A few tries were scrapped because of my inability to turn-in an edible dough. With one recent attempt I'm certain I could have used it to seal a leaky radiator. So for the immediate I'm simply...
  2. BFletcher

    Remote Temperature Monitoring for Freezer (or otherwise)

    If you have interest in remote temp monitoring you might find this to be a relatively economical approach, assuming the proprietary LoRa technology doesn't go EOL. A few other control devices are also available, including kits, but I have not yet seen a kit that includes only the hub and temp...
  3. BFletcher

    Vortex Wings Never Fail

    I woke up thinking I'd make slow cooker BBQ chicken but discovered we're very low on white meat. Found these vac sealed from July 2018 and gave them a cold water thaw. Dusted with Owens BBQ Buffalo Wing, used the Vortex muscle power, and now they're gone. I haven't used charcoal since September...
  4. BFletcher

    More turkey

    Whenever I'm cooking with the outdoor equipment I use it for relaxation and therapy. Since the turkey smoke on Thanksgiving day was not enjoyable due to the clothes dryer fire, I aimed to make up for it today by spinning this breast. The plan was to freeze this cook and make turkey chili in a...
  5. BFletcher

    Spatchcock change-up

    I saw a vid last week where they split a chicken down the breast, leaving the backbone intact. Do any of you have experience with this where you have an opinion?
  6. BFletcher

    Cold water thaw and refreezing

    I have a full brisket frozen in a vac seal bag. I'd like to be able to separate the point and flat and refreeze one section. Can you experts help me understand the risk of doing this? The FSIS site advises that cold water thawed food must be cooked immediately and should not be refrozen without...
  7. BFletcher

    Differences in taste and texture using pellets vs charcoal?

    For you who currently use a pellet, can you describe the differences in taste and texture compared to using charcoal?
  8. BFletcher


    I may regret this but since it's available from Amazon whereupon returns are easy and at a lesser price than direct from Meater, I'm going to try this. I know these were selling for $199 pre-production but I did not have confidence in handing-over money ahead of shippable units. What I expect...
  9. BFletcher

    High heat gloves - welding/barbecue: seeking recommendations

    If you have a pair of leather welding or barbecue gloves that you love can you recommend a specific pair? I have an older pair that has worked extremely well for my use but I bought a new pair that does not cut the job. On the old pair, I can pick up an occasional stray coal; not so with this...
  10. BFletcher

    Tri-Tip and Beef short ribs

    Doing the two together is probably unorthodox but I had planned on doing the Tri-Tip and near the last minute realized I also had a hankering for some beef ribs. So I utilized the same method aside from giving the ribs a head start. First kiss: The courtship: Just prior to the breakup...
  11. BFletcher

    Fact vs Fiction: How Little I know

    When I read articles such as this it humbles me and gives pause; sometimes what I think I know is based on myth or obsolete data.
  12. BFletcher

    Seeking flat-bottom non-stick skillet

    Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to find a 12" non-stick skillet with a completely flat bottom as opposed to a convex shape? Induction-safe is preferred. Thx!
  13. BFletcher

    MEATER Block

    I can't help but to check regularly to see if this truly happens in Q4
  14. BFletcher

    Q 3200 cradle repair question

    Hi Gang, I have a new Q 3200. The cradle was cracked and Weber shipped a new cradle and cookbox as an assembly. It would be simpler to just swap-out cradles; is that possible? I guess I ask because I read your posts sometimes where people get themselves into pickles when attempting to...
  15. BFletcher

    ThermoWorks TimeStack 24-hour 15% discount

    Here's a 15% savings from ThermoWorks on their TimeStack
  16. BFletcher

    Weber Q on CL question

    Hi. Is this a Q 3xx? Other than the ignition, regardless of the year, would it have the same real estate, same grate material, and same lid dimensions as the new Q 3200? Are there issues with this ignition? I may be able to get it for $100 without the LP tank. Thx. [/IMG]
  17. BFletcher

    Crazy Q Question: Gas Adjustment

    Hi. Just thinking out loud. If one desired a grate temp that was lower than the lowest setting on their burner would it be possible to adjust the burner between High and Off? Can you maintain a stable temp within that range? Is there danger in running gas within that range? Thx.
  18. BFletcher

    Potato cutter for a variety of fries and hash browns

    Do any of you fine folks use one of these devices, and do you have food for thought? We bake fries fairly often and do hash browns in a skillet but almost always start with a frozen variety. I'm pondering the value of one of these. They...
  19. BFletcher

    TVWBB history article

    I've been a member for 2 years and just now read this article "The History of the Virtual Weber Bullet," linked here: I feel more vested upon knowing the site's history and I enjoyed learning about resources such as...
  20. BFletcher

    Cryovac/shrink wrap/vacuum seal

    When I purchase--say--ribs or a brisket at a grocery chain and it is packaged in what I've been assuming is cryovac and/or shrink wrap has the oxygen also been removed like what is achieved when I use my vacuum sealer? I always assumed it was, yet now I'm suddenly questioning my understanding...