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  1. Kyle in Woodstock

    Vortex wings on the 26"

    Broke in my new grate on the 26" kettle today with a nice vortex wing cook. Noticed on the 26" you have to cook them longer than on the 22" kettle. Tried some sauce from my friends new company Blonde Beard's. Buffalo sauce called Holy Hell. It's got some kick!
  2. Kyle in Woodstock

    OnlyFire replacement parts on sale

    Larry posted about the Q burners from Onlyfire. I checked and looks like they have their other burners on sale. $14.99 plus an extra 10% off with coupon. Pretty good deal for a Weber 7506 replacement for the Genny 1000s Other models from...
  3. Kyle in Woodstock

    Potential Alternative to KillaGrilla stainless steel flip grate

    KillaGrilla grates have excellent reviews and I have no doubt they are amazing grates, but they are expensive and keep getting more expensive. They are now $86 plus $19 in shipping. $105 bucks. Hunsaker makes a very beefy well built grate for the 22" kettle and it costs $55 and shipping is...
  4. Kyle in Woodstock

    My latest Crate & Barrel Green Performer find

    I've been lucky enough to have been able to purchase all 3 Crate & Barrel green Performers that I've seen pop-up on FB Marketplace. My latest purchase was my best yet. I got this grill for $150. It's an AU serial number which makes it one of the last year's they made this color Performer. It's...
  5. Kyle in Woodstock

    Cajun Bandit Sale thru Sunday the 13th

    Just had this pop up on my Facebook
  6. Kyle in Woodstock

    4.5" Angle Grinder w/ 5 wheels and case for $39 shipped This is a nice little angle grinder. I have been using the same one for a few years, this same model. No issues with it. Comes with a nice case and 5 wheels, so I haven't had to buy a replacement wheel yet. Mine is Hitachi brand, but it's the...
  7. Kyle in Woodstock

    Foil pan liner for Go Anywhere?

    From looking at various posts here and on other forums and around the internet I've seen some people using a foil tray inside the the Go Anywhere. Assuming to make cleanup easier. Do any of you do this? If so, do you know what ones fit well in the GA? Wanted to order some since I plan on...
  8. Kyle in Woodstock

    National Front Yard BBQ Day - Oct 3rd

    Wanted to pass this along from the guys over at Hunsaker Smokers Sounds like a cool idea, I thought some of you would like to participate. Grill out smoke something in your front yard. Let your neighbors get to see some of your BBQ magic in action, rather than just smelling it from across the...
  9. Kyle in Woodstock

    Weber Genesis Skyline 1200 - My first old gasser refurb

    I've refurbished a few of the newer "sidewinder" Genesis grills and a handful of the newer Spirit models, but this is my first classic Genesis refurb. I typically stick to fixing up charcoal grills since there are less moving parts. The buy/sell market is pretty slow right now and I found this...
  10. Kyle in Woodstock

    In Search Of: Slow n Sear XL

    I know I can just buy a Slow N Sear XL, but wanted to see if anyone had one they would be willing to part ways with. I have a Slow n Sear Deluxe for the 22" kettle that has a removable water tray. It's in great shape. I'd be willing to trade that and throw in some money. I also have some...
  11. Kyle in Woodstock

    Aftermarket SS GBS grate, finally? Not much more expensive than a regular GBS grate from Weber. Says it's 304 SS too. Who will be the first to purchase and review?!
  12. Kyle in Woodstock

    Re-certify Propane Tank in Atlanta Area?

    I've been calling around a few places trying to get a propane tank re-certified, but am not having any luck. I called the big AmeriGas office in Canton, GA and they said they do not re-certify small household tanks, LAME! AmeriGas is the only propane company I know of in this area. Anyone...
  13. Kyle in Woodstock

    Did any of y'all get a gift from Weber?

    Saw this on one of my Facebook groups.
  14. Kyle in Woodstock

    Charcoal Grate Replacement Instructions, LOL

    Ordered a new grate for one of my grills. It came with instructions! :ROFLMAO: I guess they had enough people asking how to install that they had to create instructions
  15. Kyle in Woodstock

    Putting big wheels on my Performer to lift it up

    After seeing Jeff and Bob's lifted Performers, I was inspired to do the same. The stainless steel Performer is my favorite generation of all the Performers. The only thing I dislike about it is how low they sit to the ground. I'm 6'2" and lifting it up would make things much easier and more...
  16. Kyle in Woodstock

    Picked up my first Weber Fire Pit for $20 today

    Picked this guy up today for an easy $20. Needs LOTS of love, but a little work with the angle grinder, replacing the nuts/bolts and slapping on some new handles and she should be a nice fire pit for years to come. This clearly hasn't been used in years. The cover was on the fire pit, but over...
  17. Kyle in Woodstock

    Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Grill 22" - New to the USA?! This thing looks pretty sweet! Looks similar to the ones they sell over in Europe with the built-in hinge and charcoal ring.
  18. Kyle in Woodstock

    Viewing attachment pictures on mobile phone

    Whenever I see a post that has a picture, I click on the picture and it expands the photo, but I'm unable to zoom in or zoom out. I have to hit the back button which takes me out of the post all-together. Is it just me or does this happen to others?
  19. Kyle in Woodstock

    Htanch SG646 Stainless Steel Replacement Grates for Weber Q300 & Q3000 Series Just ordered a set of these for my Q320. Hard to pass up the $45.99 price point. That's basically the same price you can buy the cast iron ones for. It's clearly a knock-off product of the Stanbroil SS grates, but these actually weigh...
  20. Kyle in Woodstock

    Limited Edition 26" Kettle in Glen Blue - THE UNICORN OF ALL UNICORNS! For Sale NOW Get them while they are hot!! I imagine they will sell out of these faster than the new blue Performers.