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  1. Mike Lahaie

    Arizona > Gilbert: Caldwell County BBQ

    My wife and I consider this the best bbq in the valley. We travel 60+ miles from our home to enjoy it often. OMG, that brisket!
  2. Mike Lahaie

    Whats cookin this weekend?

    1ea 9lb packer brisket, 4lb chuck roll, rack bb's and several spicy Italian snausages. Mmmm, Mmmm good!
  3. Mike Lahaie

    Boneless Chuck Roast vs. Chuck Roll

    Good morning all, Yes this is a great thread, full of info.... I just acquired a 16.5lb chuck roll yesterday from Sam's. Had to ask for it, and to my surprise they knew what I was talking about. This baby is going on next weekend for a birthday get-together. Have fun!
  4. Mike Lahaie

    Outstanding Rub

    I'm jumpin' on the bandwagon..... They have a great website, lot's of info. Goin' for all the goodies as everyone else.