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  1. Bruno

    Sausage stuffed pork chops on the SmokeFire.

    Picked these up from my local butcher, my buddy says they are amazing. Got them on at 225 for now.
  2. Bruno

    Prime Rib Eye cap steak and lamb chops.

    Had a little too much fun 🍻🍻last time I tried this lamb and ruined the wife’s dinner. Here we go again with a more watchful eye this time. Lamb is for her and the kids and I’m having this nice rib eye cap steak.
  3. Bruno

    Rough day out here.

  4. Bruno

    Lamb again, more pics this time.

    Costco Australian lamb, cut it up into chops. Seasoned with a mix of carne crosta and santa Maria rubs from Oakridge.
  5. Bruno

    Any recommendations for a high quality baking rack.

    Have my eye on these and mine have any thoughts on a high quality rack.
  6. Bruno

    Jalapeño poppers on the EX6.

    Jalapeño poppers, cream cheese, cheddar mixed with salt pepper and garlic, stuffed jalapeños and wrapped in bacon, dusted with Oakridge secret weapon
  7. Bruno

    Picked up a Weber cutting board for the SmokeFire🔥

    Couldn’t resist and picked this up when I ordered some pellets.
  8. Bruno

    Prime rib eye cap steak from Costco.

    Anyone try these? How did they compare to a rib eye? The marbling was insane so I had to grab a 3 pack. I vac sealed them and didn’t take pics, pulled one out of the freezer just now for a pic.
  9. Bruno

    $10 fire pit score.

    Thanks Rich G for the heads up, I picked this up after work for $10. Any way to know it’s definitely a Weber? Bowl and lid are in great shape but it could use new legs and handles. Are those available anywhere? I’d love to get this cleaned up. S’mores for the kids soon. Any thoughts on firing it...
  10. Bruno

    Grill grates on the EX6

    Thinking about ordering up some grill grates for the SmokeFire any thoughts on the best set up? I’m thinking about trying to do 2’-0” of grates and leaving the left grate alone? hows clean up on these? Any info would be grate!! 😀
  11. Bruno

    Carne Asada on the SF🔥

    A little carne asada for the boys! Oakridge Chile lime and Habenero death dust!! Fantastic!! Can’t wait to make some tacos!
  12. Bruno

    Lamb on the SmokeFire🔥

    New Zealand lamb from Costco I cut up and seasoned with carne Crosta and sant Maria Oakridge rubs, insane!! So tender!
  13. Bruno

    Drumsticks going on the SmokeFire🔥

    Wife’s favorite.
  14. Bruno

    Quick carne asada dinner and a couple beers.

    My favorite thing about the SmokeFire is being able to fire it up to 550-600 and grill some meat and then just shut her down. Perfect for weeknights. Picked this up at a place called Mexicana Produce up the street, we’ve been buying produce there for years, first time buying meat, it was $9.09...
  15. Bruno

    Lodge big announcement

    Coming soon!
  16. Bruno

    Not BBQ but threw this together for the family.

    A few cocktails on the deck! Not a bad night!
  17. Bruno

    Traded in my SmokeFire for this beast!

    Only for a week though, It comes with these views of Lake Tahoe.
  18. Bruno

    Just a quick thought.

    I know the SF is supposed to run flawlessly and that should be a given, I just wanted to point out how well it’s done recently on 2 16 plus hour cooks and some easy grilling in between. Temps were locked in on the smokes, I ran the Thermoworks smoke Just to keep an eye on things and the way it...
  19. Bruno

    Chicken Florentine on the SmokeFire🔥

    Never had this before, was at the butcher grabbing some chicken parts for our vacation and saw this. I saw bacon and the green thing and said, yep, dinner.
  20. Bruno

    2 butts going on the SmokeFire🔥tomorrow.

    Seasoned them up tonight with a few Oakridge rubs, one is the family favorite Game Bird with equal parts dark brown sugar, the other is my favorite SPOGOS with a dusting of Habenero Death Dust. should be plenty for everyone!! I plan to spritz with ACV a few times before I wrap in butcher paper...