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  1. KE Quist

    Wrong Cookbook Sliders

    The whole she-bang just looks terrific. Love the look on those onions. This reminds me that I need to get a new grinder for my KA.
  2. KE Quist

    Performer Taking Forever To Cool Down

    For sure some air is getting in somewhere. It may be a combo of a few things, one being it needs to get more gunked up. When mine was new, it took a little while to cool down. Now not so much, typically by the time we eat the meal and cleanup, it's ready to put the cover back on.
  3. KE Quist

    Boneless Pork Chops

    Nice pork chops! We are cooking the same thing tonight, boneless from Costco.
  4. KE Quist

    Lump in the WSM

    I've used both lump and briquettes in my WSM. I like both. The lump is just fine, maybe a little hotter, but produces less ash. The briquettes keep a more consistent temp, but produce more ash. 6 of 1, 1/2 doz of another.
  5. KE Quist

    Instant Pot Hawaiian Potato Salad

    Thank you @Rich Dahl, your post is very fortuitous! I was just searching for IP potato salad recipes yesterday, and this looks like a good one.
  6. KE Quist

    I haven't seen a performer like this one before.

    I think that's the basic entry-point model with the short fold down table. (I think??) I would pay $80 for it.
  7. KE Quist

    Charred Hatch Chiles

    My local grocery store finally had some Hatch chiles in stock. I bought all they had out, which was only a few pounds. The produce manager said they will get more next week. Roasting on the Performer, steaming in a paper bag. It's hard to beat the smell of freshly roasted chiles steaming in...
  8. KE Quist

    Kettle + Vortex Tandoori Chicken

    Great plate of food! Sounds outstanding! Hope you survived the winds okay.
  9. KE Quist

    Non stick spray on grates

    I have used both, and quite honestly I couldn't tell the difference between the two.
  10. KE Quist

    Prime rib eye cap steak from Costco.

    I've bought them a couple of times from Costco. Our Costco seems to trim them up pretty well, no signs of silver skin or such. Cooked them sous-vide, then seared over charcoal. Out-darn-standing. These made my dear wife a believer in buying prime grade meat, especially with some of the deals at...
  11. KE Quist

    The Big F-bomb modded and 9 briskets plus 6 shoulders

    The F-Bomb....... I like it. :)
  12. KE Quist

    "M" 1990 18.5 inch WSM never used and garage kept. Collectible?

    Get that thing into service. That's my advice for what it's worth. :)
  13. KE Quist


    OMG not just lobster, but fresh lobster! Yessssssss!
  14. KE Quist

    Best Accessories For 22" Weber Kettles

    A really big +1 on this.
  15. KE Quist

    What Is Normal For Temp Fluctuations?

    My 18.5 usually settles in around 230-240ish or so. Last cook it was almost dead-on 225 for hours and hours, so much so that I forgot about it towards the end of the day, and suddenly remembered when my family got home late and mentioned that it smelled good. I have had fluctuations of 20-30deg...
  16. KE Quist

    Non stick spray on grates

    I usually just spray Pam on the food after I season it, especially on burgers. It has the added benefit of 'locking in' whatever seasoning I just sprinkled on.
  17. KE Quist

    Lowes kbb sale

    I don't want to dissuade anyone from buying what they want, but if the Ridges are indeed the same as the Embers (and I think they are), they just are not that great. Hard to light, hard to keep going, lot's of ash. They are cheap though, which is why I bought a bunch a couple years ago. :)...
  18. KE Quist

    ThermoWorks Billows

    Don't try Embers. Just trust me on that. Actually, what I ended up doing was using my 4 bags(!!!) of Embers as 'filler', just kind of mixing it in here and there with other stuff. Never again on it's own though.
  19. KE Quist

    ThermoWorks Billows

    I *think* those are the same as the Embers brand that Home Depot sells. If so, I think they are absolute crap. Sorry you have been having so many issues.
  20. KE Quist

    Weber Customer Service - WSM 18

    That's great service from Weber. Nothing wrong with that for sure. For what it's worth, I wouldn't worry too much about the door and the drip issue. Your new door will probably do the same thing. Just get the new door conformed to the smoker body as best you can, and let er rip. My WSM has...