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  1. Bruno

    Pastrami Burgers

    I’m in
  2. Bruno

    Sausage stuffed pork chops on the SmokeFire.

    Picked these up from my local butcher, my buddy says they are amazing. Got them on at 225 for now.
  3. Bruno

    SmokeFire vs Traeger Pellet Grill

    That’s cool that you and your sister had a cook off. My brother thinks I’m crazy spending as much time as I do smoking and grilling.
  4. Bruno

    Crab stuffed portobello mushrooms and Hasselback potatoes with a side of beef.

    Kind of... Thanks everyone! Jeez I gotta move! That’s insane!!
  5. Bruno

    Who has installed their welded auger?

    All good, I actually have the T20 Weber sent with the ramp.
  6. Bruno


    Looks like a great place to do some cooking!
  7. Bruno

    Who has installed their welded auger?

    I have a huge Milwaukee kit myself. Nothing like a quality tool, I’ve been In construction for 25 years and while I don’t use the tools as much anymore I know the guys need good stuff to do the job
  8. Bruno

    Smoked skirt steak tacos on the SmokeFire

    I’m on my way!! 🍻
  9. Bruno

    Who has installed their welded auger?

    I’m going to give it a go soon. Ordered a Klein T20 for $8 just to make it easier and maybe more fun.
  10. Bruno

    What Brand of Pellets?

    Let us know about the BandB
  11. Bruno

    Now that the Smokefire is out...

  12. Bruno

    What Brand of Pellets?

    Wi Wish I could find some of that out here. I can say that Weber pellets have been awesome in my SF.
  13. Bruno

    Weber Charcoal Discontinued

    I picked up a bunch at Costco during that sale, haven’t gotten around to firing it up but it seemed like a good price considering the Holliday sales this year on KBB.
  14. Bruno

    Non stick spray on grates

    Man I thought I was the only one, Weber grill spray has a bad initial smell as well.
  15. Bruno

    Now that the Smokefire is out...

    I don’t think this year.
  16. Bruno

    TrendKill posted a goodSmokeFire🔥 video.

    Good to see you guys enjoying the was rough at first but it’s really come around.