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  1. BFletcher

    Pastrami Burgers

    You crack me up! I'm waiting.
  2. BFletcher

    Sausage stuffed pork chops on the SmokeFire.

    That's what I'm talkin' about; nicely done!
  3. BFletcher

    Now that the Smokefire is out...

    Hi Jim - PM sent outlining my opinion on the Gravity.
  4. BFletcher

    Beef Plate Ribs

    Simply put: you just know how to cook.
  5. BFletcher

    Now that the Smokefire is out...

    I'm a HUGE Weber fan and I own many of their products. And while this site is aimed toward Weber products please forgive me as I digress for a moment but I enjoy a variety of outdoor cookers. Case in point: I've owned and used MB's [stock] Gravity for 5 months thus far. Based on my actual...
  6. BFletcher

    Symon’s Dinner

    I'll need t. see if I ca. find s... of his vid..s that aren't clip..d, lo.
  7. BFletcher

    New to the forum - longtime BBQ'r

    Welcome here, LK, and congrats on your SmokeFire.
  8. BFletcher

    Instant Pot Hawaiian Potato Salad

    Thanks for sharing! I find it amazing what folks create from their IP's; I would not want to be without one.
  9. BFletcher

    Poor Man's Burnt Ends

    Someday, I'll try burnt ends from brisket but thus far the only meat I've used is a chuck roast. We have no comparison, but we enjoy them!
  10. BFletcher

    Refinished nonstick pans

    Interesting. Does your food still taste okay without the seasoning? :p
  11. BFletcher

    The Humor Thread

    Oops; is that Mrs. Dahl? :(. Did I mess up?
  12. BFletcher

    Wedding Reception Pulled Pork

    Very nicely done and congrats on the family wedding!
  13. BFletcher

    The Humor Thread

    lol. That looks like the lady from
  14. BFletcher

    Labor Day Lunch

    That's how to do it! It is very nice seeing you here :)
  15. BFletcher

    Chef's Table: BBQ on Netflix, Coming 9/2/20

    I did not catch that. They would think some of us are insane for the gadgets and apparatus we pursue.
  16. BFletcher

    Labor Day Weekend Camping

    Nice! I would offer to eat your food and dog sit if I were there :)
  17. BFletcher

    Chef's Table: BBQ on Netflix, Coming 9/2/20

    My Son helps occasionally on a hog farm; after watching Rodney on Saturday I asked if he could try to hook me up with a suckling pig :)
  18. BFletcher

    Which Vortex

    Happy Birthday to your wife, Robert!
  19. BFletcher

    Weber Wok Stir Fry

    Your meal and treats look awesome!