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  1. J

    What games do you like to play?

    axis and allies
  2. J

    Weber Q1200 in a fireplace?

    Build a fire, let the coals burn in, get a camping grate. There are also companies that make adjustable racks for open fire cooking in your fireplace. google 'fire pit and grilling guru'
  3. J

    Stinky Uber

    Kokopelli trail, grand junction to moab. Ends on porcupine rim trail.... Downhill to moab. Great riding out west, but right coast mountains can be very technical
  4. J

    Grill Cleaner or best way

    billy bar after i spray pam works between cooks
  5. J

    Using a brine to Vortex chicken wings on a Weber Kettle...

    I will brine in water/sugar/salt and the results are always excellent. Be sure to dry them out before cooking for the crispy skin.
  6. J

    Smoked Oysters

    cook them direct and when they open pull off and eat. make a butter/herb sauce. yum. if they don't open after 8 to 10 minutes some people say toss.
  7. J

    WSM 22.5 nine racks of ribs

    i've done 10 racks of ribs on my 22" wsm by using 2 of the smaller weber rib racks
  8. J

    Wings, grill or wsm?

    I cook a lot of wings and do them both ways. Like others when using the WSM take out the water pan for high direct/indirect cooking. Get it hot enough to crisp them up. On grill: go indirect then sauce at end then direct to get them to your crispy liking
  9. J

    Alpha-Gal Syndrome

    I'm going to die of poultry overdose. Turkey chili. Turkey sausage. Turkey bacon. More cluck cluck than usual. Guess I need to budget for more lobster!
  10. J

    Alpha-Gal Syndrome

    Not sure where to post this - so i stuck it in the most popular forum. Feel free to move it elsewhere. As a member of TVWBB, I enjoy all the insight, techniques and recipes for smoking/grilling all types of meat. Particularly BBQ pillars of Meat, Pork and Chicken. I'm a serious BBQ...
  11. J

    Gator Country

    L'alligator est savoureux
  12. J

    NYE pig on a DIY rotisserie spit

    that is cool. i've done that before using a spitjack rotisserie over coals.... on a NYE. it was quite an effort of time and engineering. how long did it take for the cook and what type of prep//seasoning on the pig?
  13. J

    Gator Country

    The gator turned out delicious. I've had gator bites before, but the frying kind of masks the meat. The texture was tender, more like a firm fish. Flavor was similar to chicken. i also made a remoulade sauce for dipping, which gave people an alternative to eating it straight. The amount of...
  14. J

    Gator Country

    My oldest son and his fiance live in Baton Rouge, where he goes to LSU's law school. He came home for Christmas and said to me don't look in the freezer. My response, "you bought me an alligator for Christmas?" He did. Put the prehistoric beast in a buttermilk brine. Dried the creature...
  15. J

    What do you clean the grate with? I use a billy bar.... no bristles to fall off.
  16. J

    Pork Ribs for Christmas Eve - How Many Racks?

    I cook ribs for Christmas Eve annually and plan on 1 rack per two adults. Leftovers are always a hit on christmas day. On my 22" wsm i get 10 racks on with two weber rib racks. Smoke em' up and then i throw them on a grill to carmalize a bit.
  17. J

    thinking about getting a new TV

    I recently purchased the Sony XBR-65X850D on sale at Best Buy. After doing the research (and with an eye to the future 4k) it was IMO the best buy for the buck. I have been very happy with it and if it lasts as long as my other Sony TVs, should be in business for many years to come.
  18. J

    Charcoal bins on performer

    In the bag. In the bin. no problem
  19. J

    Actual charcoal amount vs. Weber published amount

    i usually use one chimney on my ranch for cooks. At times if i want massive amount of direct cooking space then two, but usually one does the trick for indirect then direct sear. Rotate the foods to direct from indirect. On my 22" performer i just use the two charcoal baskets and end up with...
  20. J

    Farewell cook on Ranch Kettle #2.

    Nice cook. I love my RK. it is a beast