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    Stokerlog Not Tweeting

    My Stokerlog Tweeting has stopped working. It stopped working around 2 June. My configuration hasn't changed. I can Tweet from the browser on the Stokerlog machine. I re-authorized stokerlog and it seems happy. The tweets it sends simply do not appear in Twitter. Has anyone else seen this...
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    Stoker Integration

    I've recently integrated my stoker system into my home. The Stoker is located in the kitchen and runs the BBQ on the patio. Here's a couple pics, with the rest located here:
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    Stokerlog + iPad

    Using VNC, I am able to view Stokerlog on my ipad. Very cool. The ipad is a more convenient monitor to drag around with me. Just need to install VNC on Stokerlog workstation and on the ipad.
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    Stokerlog + Sonos = A Winning Combination

    I've recently reconfigured my Stoker/Stokerlog set up. One of the things that has changed is that I now run Stokerlog on my home automation server, which lives remote to the living area of my house in the machine room. The benefit to this is that this PC is always on. It also runs my lighting...