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    Burner tube always clogged on Q2400

    Here's a writeup on the the safety device tripping up: I still think this is the cause of your problem. If it was a grease clog, you would be seeing a more random pattern of clogged holes. Your pic shows you are getting only enough...
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    Burner tube always clogged on Q2400

    THe q2400 is an electric grill so I assume you mean a 2200 gas grill. Are you using an adapter for a 20lb tank? Or are you using a 16 ounce small canister? I am guessing that you are using a 20lb tank, and you are tripping a safety mechanism in the regulator that reduces the gas flow to a...
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    Double Weber Grilling Station

    220 or 221. Whatever it takes!
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    Weber Charcoal Summit for $850

    Thanks for saving me from myself....
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    Help with a Turkey Brine Pot recommendation

    I second this. Home depot sells orange buckets for about $3 each. But look in their paint department for the 5 gallon buckets that are WHITE, which are labeled as food safe plastic. Include a lid for a total of under $7 if I recall correctly
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    wow I am really close to there....... - - - Updated - - - wow I am really close to there....... :blackperformer::blueperformer::greenperformer::summitcharcoal:
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    Yuup, I guess that if you can afford one, then you can afford to keep it. I have seen a couple on CL that were new-in-box, asking price a little off of the street price. I would assume that these "fell off of a truck" . So, a gently used Ranch is south Wisconsin looking for a new home, eh?
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    checking the water on an 18" WSM

    Just start with really hot water. If you start with cold tap water you will have to heat the water before you can get any heat on the meat. And with a minion start, that could take quite a while, like hours.
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    Replacement kettle for old SS Performer Touch-N-Go

    The issue with the $150 grill is that it does not have flanges for bearing the weight. It is intended to sit on its legs. Weber is pretty strict in not selling those flanged bowls to just anyone, because they don't want to people to cobble together Performers instead of buying a performer...
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    Dry Rub Help...

    Here is what I would do: Brown sugar 1 Cup KOSHER salt 1 Cup Ground ancho chili 1/4 cup RED PEPPER FLAKES 2 tsp Coriander 2 TBLS Smoked paprika 1/4 cup Black pepper 3 TBLS Cumin 3 TBLS Cayenne pepper 1 tsp The only other pepper that the mystery could be is white pepper, which is fine, but I...
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    Kettle rotisserie

    So to be fair there's a lot of things I actually use a lot: charcoal baskets small and large weber chimneys weber lighter cubes (white ones in the plastic and foil) kebob baskets (I prefer these over skewers) 6 firebricks a couple 12" cast iron skillets about 3 sets of good grill tongs (weber...
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    Kettle rotisserie

    The truth hurts sometimes, Dave. What's in your pile? I have a 20" cast iron skillet that I really really wanted. More skewers than I can count. Firebricks. About 30 utensils like forks, burger flippers, sauce brushes, and mediocre tongs. Service trays, hot dog forks, 3 or 4 woks...
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    New, but not new

    Light the snake in more than 1 spot. or more spots than you had been using. Light it at 12:00 4:00 and 8:00 to get it burning. {those aren't times, those are clock positions as you view the round charcoal chamber} I never understood the problem of "not getting hot enough". Either add...
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    Q200 stand

    I have one, along with a gently used Q220.......... I could use a little space in my garage, if you know what I'm sayin'.
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    24 hour fix and flip project: Q320

    I generally use my power washer, but I have all the parts to make a homemade sandblaster. I hope that can be a little more aggressive, but in a controlled way. I have walnut shells as the blast media.
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    1000 Degree Thermometer

    I have a Blackstone pizza oven that I can get to 800* and that is PLENTY hot
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    Can't Get Grill Hot Enough

    Dwain is right on. First off, lump will get hotter than briqs. Secondly, the slightly ajar lid will allow greater airflow for high heat, as well as contain most of the heat that would be lost if you were lidless. Also, keep adding more lump ever 10 to 15 mins to keep the burn going.
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    1000 Degree Thermometer

    I can only assume you are talking about pizza making, as that is the only thing I can imagine needing temps that high. I would suggest a laser point-and-shoot thermometer. I paid over $100 for mine years ago, but you can get them for $25 now that can read up to 1000* (or higher for a few...
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    26" Kettle already rusting apart

    No, not at all. The 26 is the beautiful woman at the bar that you realize, after scoring a date or three, is really fun to "play with" but can be high maintenance in a few different ways. Worth the trouble, but you have to treat her with a little more tenderness than you would have...
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    26" Kettle already rusting apart

    JimZ, add more charcoal.