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    2014 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill - Photo

    Here are a couple of pictures of the 2014 gas GA: There's a single straight burner tube running down the middle directly under the grate. That's why there are no holes down the centre of the grate. -Mark.
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    q mods

    I suppose this counts as a mod :) Depending on the toppings, can cook a pizza in three minutes:
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    Steel Grate for Weber Q

    I would really like ss grates for my Q320, just for ease or care. The standard cast iron grates aren't that difficult to care for, but SS would undoubtedly be easier. As Phil says though, the grates are a special design, and would be difficult to make. The ss grates on ebay are for the electric...
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    Pancakes on a Smokey Joe

    Thanks. I was flipping pancakes with one hand and taking pictures with my phone in the other Here's a picture I took later on in the evening - This was at about 12:30 in the night: -Mark.
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    Pancakes on a Smokey Joe

    I bought the discada in Finland - I call it a discada because I don't know what else to call it It's too shallow to be called a wok. It's made by a Finnish company called Muurikkaa. I use their smallest one on the SJS, and it fits perfectly. I didn't use much coal. First I grilled on the GA...
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    Pancakes on a Smokey Joe

    Last week I visited a friend's cabin so I took my SJS and GA with me. I used the GA for grilling, and The Smokey Joe for doing pancakes. I've got an excellent little discada which fits the Smokey Joe perfectly. The pancakes were delicious -Mark.
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    Weber Wok Questions

    I bought a Weber wok recently and I wondered if it would ever get used, but it's turned out to be one of my most used accessories. The first time I used it I had some friends over and we did stir fry, and for dessert we used it to do banana fritters and deep fried chocolate -Mark.
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    Weber pizza oven 6520

    Weber have come out with a pizza oven accessory for 57cm charcoal grills. An interesting alternative to the kettle pizza, but it only seems to be available in Europe.
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    Weber briquettes?

    Weber briquettes are non-natural, and are quite similar to Kingsford Blue, although the ash seems to a bit heavier and more yellowish. I quite like them for smoking because they burn so long, but for grilling I found some Swedish briquettes called Skogens which I really like. They're natual, and...
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    Problem with legs?

    I had a similar problem with one of my grills. The legs weren't flared and were too loose so Weber sent me a new set. Fixed my wobbly legs -Mark.
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    Kettle pizza oven

    Excellent looking pizzas! I think tomorrow will be a pizza day for me I found it worth investing in a metal pizza peel, as it make it possible to really quickly place pizzas of the stone, and remove them without having to crack the lid open too wide, or for too long and loosing heat. -Mark.
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    here's what 1000 degrees does to a performer

    I've melted the palstic sleeves on my Performer and my Master Touch Gold. It's only really a cosmetic problem, so it doesn't bother me. -Mark.
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    Okay, I made off with the neighbor's peach tree. Now what?

    When I read the title, I thought you'd got a bit carried away scrumping -Mark.
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    Weber Q 220 Replacement Thermometer in UK

    Any shop that sell Webers should be able to order one for you. I think the part number is 30392, but you should check that. You don't have to use a Weber thermometer though - You should be able to find a suitable oven or flue thermometer in a hardware store. There are also lots on ebay if you...
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    Smokey Joe Grills

    I've got an SJ and a Go Anywhere, and the build quality of both is excellent. I prefer grilling on the Go Anywhere though, plus I really like it's portable design. -Mark.
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    Seasoning Hamburgers

    I always used to do burgers with store bought bround beef, onions, bread crumbs, egg and seasoning. They were good but, as Dwayne said, they're more like meat balls. Since then I've done quite a bit of experimenting, and now I always use rib eye, ground with a 3mm plate. I make the burgers with...
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    How long is too long to marinade in beer?

    Anything more than about 1/2 an hour and the beer becomes too flat to drink -Mark.
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    Instant read thermometer- a must!

    I'm another one who couldn't be without a Thermapen. Don't forget that the blue is the fastest -Mark.
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    Performer owners raise your hand if.....

    The thought has crossed my mind, but I haven't ever done it - At least not knowingly. I used a whole bottle of gas in one day a while ago, so I might have somehow left the gas on and cooked half with gas. -Mark.
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    Access Door Knob LOOOOOOSE

    On my original door, the knob was only held on by about one thread, so I called Weber CS and they sent me a complete new door. The new style knob is much better than the old. -Mark.