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    Butts finished early - should I refrigerate whole or pulled?

    Hello; Temps spiked while I slept and my 2 butts finished too early. I have wrapped them in foil and put in the cooler but I will need to refrigerate them unfortunately. Do you recommend I pull the pork then refrigerate?, or Refrigerate the butts whole, then re-warm and pull? thanks! ~...
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    Assistance on cook: 7.3 lb flat brisket + 7.25 lb bone-in butt

    I am soliciting advice on how I should cook the above? Eating Saturday at 6:00 pm. Brisket fat down on top rack. Butt on bottom rack. I am thinking 18 hrs @ 225-250. With the buffer of 3-hours in a cooler, that means pulling off (if ready) at 2:30. That means putting on at 8:30 pm. What...
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    Design My Cook

    Hey Smokers; Looking for advice. I am hosting 20-25 people for our annual summer BBQ. 2 years ago I did 3 different types of pulled pork. Last year I did St. Louis spares. This year I want to mix it up. I just pulled out a 7# bone in butt, so that is 1 choice. I am thinking of a...
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    My 1st Beef Rib Plate cook underway (pics)

    pics (@3:08 pm) are 4 hours into the cook 50-50 pepper/kosher salt rub 50-50 apple/pecan 30 coals minion method Averaged 253* since 1st hour. spritz 2;1 apple juice/Worcestershire Eating good in San Diego tonight! ~ Sean :wsm22...
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    Benefits of butcher paper wrapping a brisket (Franklin style)???

    OK - I bought the Franklin Barbecue book, a role of paper and I am prepping for my 1st paper/brisket cook next weekend. I am trying to find the benefits of wrapping in paper on an 18.5” WSM vs. a pure wood fired offset cooker. AF specifically says on page 45: Upright Drum Smoker “Also, since...
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    Franklin 50/50 rub - is the pepper ratio too spicy for all palettes?

    Hello; Getting ready for my 1st brisket/butcher wrap/AF/50-50 salt/pepper rub. For those that have tried, do any of your guests find that the pepper may be too spicy? Specifically children. I am thinking that after the hours cooking and the sitting in the paper that it would flavor it...
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    help: Grilling a filet tenderloin roast (trimming issue)

    Happy Holidays fellow cookers! I have a full Prime tenderloin roast. I made an error in trimming the roast. The fat/butt end of the roast was falling apart, so I cut it off. I essentially have a long 15" trimmed roast and the surrounding muscle from the big end. When I sear/indirect roast...
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    Question about foiling 6 at once

    Hello. Been smoking with my 18 for 12 years. I have never foiled. I think it is time to try. Tomorrow I have 6 STL slabs going on and I roll the racks. If I decide to foil (probably the honorable Harry Soo method), how do you recommend that I foil 6 slabs at once? If they are rolled, when I...
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    Cleaning the inside of the center section and lid

    Hello I am starting to get a flaking on the inside of my 18.5. I have had this for 12 years and never really scrubbed it. What is the best way to knock this down? Wire brush? High power water (car wash)? How clean does it need to be? I looked around on all the resources, and could not...
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    Spares: Pros/Cons of vertical/rib rack vs. laying flat

    Hello; I always roll my BBs when I do 3 racks. Today I am doing 2 racks of spares. I have never laid the racks flat. I will not be foiling. Questions: Smoke intensity in the ribs vertical vs. flat? Cooking time any different? Anything else I should know? Thanks! ~ Sean
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    Ahhg! Pulled at 165* - checked from both breasts - but not done

    So frustrating - I did a 7.5# Bone in breast. Temp probe in both breasts registered 165*. Let it rest for 20' and started slicing and the bird was not done yet. It is in the oven - but I am afraid to trust my probes now. Sure looks good.
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    Who Made That Charcoal Briquette?

    I read this from the NY Times, thought you might find this interesting. ~ Sean (wasn't sure where to post this)
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    Help with Cochinita Pibil

    Hello; I am doing (3) 8# (pre-trim weight) bone-in butts. I will do a Mr. Brown, TBD rub and a Cochinita Pibil. I have read for hours many recipes, styles and variations of the CP. I am fortunate to have access to the authentic ingredients (banana leaves, achiote, sour OJ etc) and I will hold...
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    (2) 5.5 pound bone-in butts - cook overnight?? What would you do?

    Hello; I know that every smoke is different and a lot of things can happen. I have a dilemma that I am looking for your advice. Guests for dinner Sunday night at 5:30 pm PST. It is 8:30 pm PST. A) Do I start these butts tonight around 10:00 pm? B) Or wake up at 5:00 am and put them on...
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    3 BB racks on top & 3 BB racks on bottom

    Hello; My first attempt at 6 slabs in my 18" WSM. I have have good success at 3 rolled on top. Questions: 1) Will the bottom rolled racks dry out faster and/or complete faster then the top rolled racks? 2) SHould I rotate from bottom-to-top halfway during the cook? 3) Any significant time...
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    Apologies to the Minion Method

    I deviated, and now I am scrambling. I am doing one 8# bone in butt. I fired up 20 briquets per the recommendations of the posted cooks by Chris. I live in SD and today was warm (73*), but something in me said to add more to the chimney (added about 10), so I started hot at about 30...
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    Help with thighs and 4 racks if spares

    Need some advice, please. I have about a dozen thighs and 4 racks of spares (St. Louis). Question 1: Do you think I can fit the chicken on the bottom grate, and the 4 racks on the top grate? (I am thinking of modifying with bottom grate by adding an extra level as shown in the modifications...
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    has the Maverick ET-73 improved/changed over last 5 years?

    5 years ago I bought an ET-73 and was never thrilled with it's remote performance. I just melted it and I either have to buy a replacement, or . . . ? Should I stick with the 73? Or do you have better luck with another brand/model? Thanks, ~ Sean
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    Un-scientific rib tasting contest (BRITU vs. Wild Willy's)

    I did 3 slabs of Baby Backs. 1) BRITU (w/50% salt) 2) BRITU (w/50% salt) on top of a slab covered in Turbinado sugar 3) Wild Willy's 2 novice males selected the plain BRITU (never had home smoked ribs before) 1 female selected BRITU w/sugar (wife) 1 male selected the Wild Willy's (me)...
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    Soggy bark -

    7# butt reached 182* after 15 hours (a 4# brisket was also onboard). Foiled then put in a 300* oven for about 2 hours until it reached 202*. At this time I did not have time to wrap in towels and put in a cooler, so after about 30-mins I started pulling the pork. 75% of the bark was soggy and...