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  1. Brad Baker

    Starting the fire without using a chimney

    [WSM 18.5] Inspired by this thread, I started my July 3rd cook without using a chimney. I lit the fire by using a Weber starter cube placed below the charcoal grate. This may not work for anyone but me; I have modified the bowl so that that ATC air enters it from directly beneath the center of...
  2. Brad Baker

    Slide-Aside Lid Holder?

    Anyone else try one of these with a WSM (instead of a hinge)? I bought this a while back and only used it a couple of times on my 18.5. I had to bend it some to get the lid clearance I wanted. It's a bit of weight hanging off the side so I think a latch or two between middle and bowl may be in...
  3. Brad Baker

    Things Ain't What They Used to Be

    I haven't cut my hair since COVID started. I was going to wait until I got a vaccine to get a hair cut. That's not going to happen. My usual crew cut is getting shaggy and its time has come. I shopped Amazon to buy a DIY hair clipper. I guess I was a little late. Many are sold out or are...
  4. Brad Baker

    Why the damper?

    I am once again thinking about building a HM (currently use Flameboss 300), just to wean myself from a dependence on a commercial ATC, their rising prices, and the potential instabilities that affect small companies. The last time I was close to building a HM there was no such thing as a...
  5. Brad Baker

    Gen 1000 manifold bracket

    Could someone post (or point to) a picture of how this thing attaches? I ordered one. Maybe it will be obvious when it shows up.
  6. Brad Baker

    SS grates racked in shipping (fixed)

    I've been working on a '97 Gen 1000 (BPratt, thanks for the grease tray), so I bought a pair of rcplanebuyer grates. They arrived damaged. One was pretty severely racked (~0.5 in), the other only slightly. One corner of the shipping box looked a little rough. I emailed Dave. He said he...
  7. Brad Baker

    Gen 1000 regulator change

    I bought a replacement. They each have pipe thread end. Check out the close-up. Will that short one work as-is?
  8. Brad Baker

    Flame Boss 400

    Flame Boss is introducing a new controller called the 400-WiFi. It looks like a stripped down controller with no display that is part of the blower unit itself. Everything is setup by a mobile app for iOS or Android. I hope your device works! ;) I prefer a remote controller to be able to...
  9. Brad Baker

    ATC Vent Mod (below the grate)

    I've been using a Flame Boss ATC for a couple of months. Like other ATCs, the standard blower mount uses an an adapter through a damper opening (daisy wheel). Because the daisy wheel opening is above the grate, I have always used some bent aluminum foil contraption to direct the incoming air...
  10. Brad Baker

    19lb bird - 5 hr cook

    Apple brined, air dried, stuffed the cavity with apples, oranges, rosmary and sage, iced the breast per usual. Apple smoke wood. Usually I place the bird on the top rack (18.5WSM) with a pan on the bottom rack to catch juices for gravy. This time I used a disposable roasting pan under the...
  11. Brad Baker

    Is there an ATC that has a differential temp feature?

    Is there an ATC that does a differential temperature cook? I'd like to be able to set the cooker temperature at a minimum, say 225F and then have it maintain a cooker-to-meat differential temperature as the meat temperature rises. I do this anyway manually to reduce the time it takes the pork...
  12. Brad Baker

    She Bought Short Ribs - I need a table sauce

    I haven't done short ribs yet. Last week She called me when She was at the meat counter. She: "Do you want anything"? Me: "Get some short ribs, but not the riblets they have in the case - get a four bone slab". [She talks to the butcher person] She: "He brought out a four bone rib roast...
  13. Brad Baker

    Baby Back Prep

    I've done maybe a dozen slabs of BB. My prep has involved removing the membrane and trimming any unwanted stuff, fat. etc., and dusting with a rub. So far, so good. One thing I have noticed while eating is additional bone material between the rib bones on one side of the slab. I don't like...
  14. Brad Baker

    First Butt cook or first Butt/Brisket cook?

    Starting the cook Fri night. I could do the two port butts, one on the upper, one the lower. Or I could do a butt/brisket cook. Will this work out? Heck. I guess I could even do two pork butts and a brisket. This is an 18 WSM. If I do the butt/brisket, which should go on which grate? TIA...