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  1. Chris Lynch

    End of the Summer Pizza

    Its been so long since I've posted...I forget, can I curse on this forum..because holy sH!t that looks amazing...I've wanted one of those pizza kits for a while and you just sold me.
  2. Chris Lynch

    Smoked White Fish

    Howdy folks. Been on hiatus with a new addition to the family. My neighbor just brought over 40 lbs of white fish bone in. I plan on cutting into 1 1/2 steaks and I will brine for about 12 hours. I'll then air dry for about 4 and then smoke for 4-6 hours at 200. I am looking for a good fish...
  3. Chris Lynch

    a hike and a hamburger

    Pretty cool Clint. Not a bad way to kill a couple hours...
  4. Chris Lynch

    Trying Chuck on the Kettle

    Darn tootin...that looks perfect.
  5. Chris Lynch

    Rainy day Turkey cook

    Not a bad way to kill an afternoon Dwain
  6. Chris Lynch

    It's started as a "healthy" meal.....

    hahahaha...I love it when a meal "starts" healthy.
  7. Chris Lynch

    First smoke of 2015.

    Nice butt...wait, that came out wrong.
  8. Chris Lynch

    Clearance Smokey Joe

  9. Chris Lynch

    Oregon Style Tacos Al Pastor

    Yo James...thats some slamming pork man...really nice looking.
  10. Chris Lynch

    Grilled cheese sammiches

    Clay...nothing short of Genius.
  11. Chris Lynch

    Yotam Ottolenghi Shaksuka

    thats a really cool cook.
  12. Chris Lynch

    a few & a couple grilled things

    Nice as usual Jim. Life sure looks tasty over at your place.
  13. Chris Lynch

    Baked Chicken on the Weber and Dutch Oven

    Thats so cool Cliff
  14. Chris Lynch

    Barbacoa and Frijoles

    Oh my gosh...that looks flippin awesome.
  15. Chris Lynch

    The Stuffed Burger Challenge

    Thanks Jim. I have something blended already that should work perfectly.
  16. Chris Lynch

    The Stuffed Burger Challenge

    And sorry haven't checked recently but how does this work??? Any rules?
  17. Chris Lynch

    The Stuffed Burger Challenge

    I am in...will be done on Sunday.....sorry Running out for the weekend!
  18. Chris Lynch

    My first Performer cook

    Nice start Dave and wow...a meal fit for a king! Enjoy many long cooks with the new toy
  19. Chris Lynch

    Grass fed angus tenderlion steaks

  20. Chris Lynch

    Not a valentines cook.....

    I love it when the big disk comes out. Looks as good as it always does...damm I could eat a plate of that