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  1. GaryP

    SRF gold brisket

    A while back when they had a sale I was feeling rich apparently and bought a srf gold for comp season. Now that comp season is cancelled I cooked that bad boy up. Because I've never done wagyu before I kept it simple. Salt pepper, no wrap. B&B lump, post oak and hickory. The point was amazing. I...
  2. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Getting ready to go. Coffee is hot and tasting good. And check out these threads!
  3. GaryP

    Bacon today. Belly and loin.

    Had a pork-tastic sunday. Had a 12 pound belly and a 5 pound loin going today to replenish my supply. Peach and cherry wood on the 22. Decided to use the big dog as it doesnt see much action with the 18 around. Combined with my new slicer, it was a great day. Have a rack of spares on the trager...
  4. GaryP

    Backyard on the Grape 2020

    Had a great time yesterday in Lodi CA for the annual beginning of the season. Great way to shake the cobwebs off for the year. Awesome location power, water, bathrooms, showers, big kitchen with sinks to wash and most of all a lot of fun. This was basically our first event as a team last year...