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    Trouble holding temps on 14.5 WSM

    I just got this 14.5 WSM this spring and Ive done a couple cooks so far on it. First 2 times was a couple butts and today a load of rib tips. First 2 butt cooks I used water in the pan, and today I went with a foiled, empty pan. My issue is that I cannot keep temps to stay above 200-225. I used...
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    Home Depot early spring KBB sale?

    Anybody have the inside scoop on when Home Depot is having their early spring sale on KBB this year? Isn't it usually the first or second weekend after Easter? Sick of paying full price for KBB lately!
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    Drummy Drum

    Saw this yesterday at a local home and garden place. Kinda spendy at $129.00, but a cool idea.
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    Bend of the River/St Peter, MN

    Anybody on here cooking in St Peter this weekend? I will be in the backyard division once again this year. We did well last year at this contest taking RGC. Hoping to get over the hump this year and get my first GC call!
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    NHL Season starts!

    First weekend of the NHL season has arrived. Kinda tough for alot of folks to get excited about it since its still fairly nice out and MLB playoffs are in full swing and the NFL is in week 6 now. My Wild team looked awesome on Thursday nite against new-hated rival Avs and look good so far tonite...
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    Angry Wings

    Found this wing recipe earlier this spring. Looked interesting so I made a trip to a local Asian food store to pick up some gochujang and gochugaru. Here are the ingredients: 6 pounds chicken wings (about 24), tips discarded and wings split 1/4 cup canola oil Kosher salt Freshly...
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    ULine Lime green SJS

    Are these things pretty rare/tough to find? I was given one last summer at my new job since they all know I grill/BBQ all the time.
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    Beef Short Ribs

    A friend of mine hooked me up with some kalbi marinade last week, so I grabbed a pack of beef short ribs from Sams Club on Saturday. Everyone in the pool for 24 hours... On the grill, direct for about 3-4 minutes per side... And your plate with some asparagus and some black sesame seeds...
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    Mastertouch and OTG differences?

    Cut me some slack here and don't call me a dummy....but what are the differences between a Mastertouch model and a OTG model? Is it only the slide along lid holder on the bowl? I've got an EO stamped green kettle I picked up that has the slide along lid holder and ash catcher and was wondering...
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    Dry aging beef

    I've never had the chance to do this, and thought it might be cool to try it out and see what happens I guess. I saw in a certain sausage making catalog that they sell dry aging bags that you can use in the refrigerator. Has anyone ever used these dry aging bags? Will I need to tightly control...
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    Competition pork question

    I've entered what will be my third competition next month, and this will be the first one with multiple meat categories. It's a backyard competition and has ribs, chicken , and pork(either loin or tenderloin)according to the rules. Having not cooked pork loin or pork tenderloin very often, I...
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    Weber 8840/Korean BBQ insert

    Does anyone own one of these or have tried one of these? They are made for the gourmet BBQ system. I've seen a few people use something similar, but I don't think they were the Weber insert. I found a local hardware store that has one in stock and might pickl one up just because I've never seen...
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    Spirit 210 model year help

    I just acquired a free Spirit 210 this week. Its missing a few parts and I need a little help in identifying the date of manufacture. The serial number sticker was full of gunk and Im unable to read the complete number, but it looks like the first two letters are DT. Any clue what year this is?
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    Ever had that shoulder that just wouldn"t get done?

    Driving me crazy today. Put on a shoulder on around 1030AM this morning. Temps about 250/275 all day. Pulled it off the WSM around 930PM at a temp of 175. Been in the oven now for 2 more hours at 300. Internal still only at 185. AAArrrrggggghhhhh!
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    Another pulled pork serving question

    Im sure this has been covered in some thread here, but I'll ask again anyways. Doing 3 butts overnight tonite for my kids birthday parties tomorrow. We have one party for his friends from noon to three, and the family party from 4-8pm. Since Im doing an overnite the pork for the first party...
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    Sausage/brat help

    I recently made a pretty big batch of brats and spicy Italian sausage using the recipes from Ruhlman's charcuterie book. After grinding and mixing ingredients, we cooked up a small pattie to taste test. Everything tasted fine, texture was good as well. However after stuffing the sausages and...
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    Recipes for beef sticks?

    Looking for some different beef stick recipes. Never done them before and not sure if I need just straight beef, or if I would need to add some fat into the mix before putting in casings. Any help is appreciated! Just bought a LEM jerky shooter with some of my fanatsy football winnings this...
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    Smoked ham on the WSM

    I've got a half butt smoked ham in the freezer that needs to be cooked. Having never done a ham on a grill or a smoker I was looking for any helpful hints, tips, or maybe even someones go-to glaze for hams. Its a 8.8lb fully cooked, smoked ham so I'm not sure if putting in on the WSM with a...
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    First low and slow butt questions

    Doing my first low and slow butt overnight tonite and was looking for any tips or tricks that I may have missed. Ive done a number of HH butts and briskets, so Ive got a got handle on the basics I guess. Doing 2 butts, about 7-8 lbs each. If I put them on around 1am-2am, will I be OK to sleep...
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    Sausage stuffer question

    Looking at buying a sausage stuffer for the first time. I see some of these "low end" models that are made from cast iron and run about $40. Wondering if there is an advantage to using one made from stainless steel, even if it costs a bit more? Or if the cheaper units are just not as good or...