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  1. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    That is a top rack that I put together using a mount for a small green egg from smokeware and a smokey joe grate. It swivels out of the way when needed and works great for a couple extra racks of spares(trimmed to comp size). That is the just the lower piece as the top wasn't needed that day...
  2. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Sorry I'm just now seeing this. It was just a butter lettuce salad with cucumber and caesar. The wife does her darndest to get the veggies in me. And thanks everyone for the kind words. I am really liking trying to find new flavors and combos to enjoy cooking on the webers more often especially...
  3. GaryP

    USA (local) Beef Finder Link

    Thanks for sharing. I found one very close I never knew about. Awesome to buy direct like that.
  4. GaryP

    SRF gold brisket

    A while back when they had a sale I was feeling rich apparently and bought a srf gold for comp season. Now that comp season is cancelled I cooked that bad boy up. Because I've never done wagyu before I kept it simple. Salt pepper, no wrap. B&B lump, post oak and hickory. The point was amazing. I...
  5. GaryP

    Memorial Weekend Cooks

    Good looking pie. We love our uuni, or ooni now. My job is to run the pellet fire and look pretty, wife makes the magic happen. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do it solo. Brisket looks great too.
  6. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    And plated. With cauliflower "rice" and a salad. Darn keto diet.
  7. GaryP

    Not enough Weber stuff for Smoke day

    Look at those shiny twins. Dang now I have to clean mine.
  8. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    And it's off and into the cambro.
  9. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Time will tell on the flavor. Its definitely on the small end of their 6-9 lb range. I didn't weigh it but I'd be shocked if it was over 6.25. Very nice marbleing but as it's a small butt the money muscle is pretty tiny and wouldn't be usable in a comp. I bought the butt/st Louis combo a few...
  10. GaryP

    Smoke Day 16

    Nice looking plate Keith!
  11. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    One of my favorites! Very hard to find a good one out where I am in norcal.
  12. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Coming along nicely.
  13. GaryP

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Getting ready to go. Coffee is hot and tasting good. And check out these threads!
  14. GaryP


    Nice looking fish! Packers usually are good for a while so I'd check the date and do it next week or the week after. Cook the tri tip on the kettle and get the other butt in a brine or inject it tonight and get smoke it tomorrow. Pulled pork freezes so well especially if you have a food saver...
  15. GaryP

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    Plans changed and I'm not doing my brisket. Going to do a butt from creekstone. Going with a new to me flavor profile. Have it sitting in a Cuban mojo marinade right now.
  16. GaryP

    Smoke Day 16 T-Shirts Now Available

    Mine is supposed to arrive Saturday according to usps tracking. But being in a po-dunk town the post office is, well, let's just say I'm not holding my breath.
  17. GaryP

    We Ain't Got No Steaks!!!

    Went to my costco today because the wife wanted a steak and I was hoping for ribeye cap. Silly me. They had some ground beef, a few choice tenderloins and chuck steaks. Very slim pickings right now. I also got to see a woman scream at another because she touched a package of meat in the case...