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    Who's the new 'posterboy' for (the Stoker) Rock's Barbque?

    I guess this is out there for common knowledge (it's on their website now anyway)... go to Rock's barbque . Then select "Luminaries", then scroll through the pages to #7 of 9.... Happy to join forum member Vincent Carrocci as a "Luminary".
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    Kingsford Lump Charcoal

    That's right... Kingsford Lump Charcoal !!!!! I was just in Food Lion to pick up a couple of items and there it was. Anybody tried it yet?
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    This Weekends Cook

    This weekends cook for me will be whatever looks good to me a Costco tonight. Have to go buy coffee for work. Going to cruise the wine, beer, and meat counter. Whatever looks good to me at the time is what's going in my little bullet. Got to remember to buy charcoal. What are you guys (this...