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    Wobbly legs

    People have done the leg mod and a "how to" can be found on youtube. I believe it might be 3/4 electrical conduit, but make sure you double check before you start cutting. It is most commonly done with the giants (tall grillers) among us. They will cut the legs quite a bit longer so they...
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    Wobbly legs

    The easiest fix that is commonly used is to take HVAC tape, wrap the end of the leg with it a bit, and then push it back in snuggly. Unfortunately some are more wobbly and loose than others. If it isn't anything special it could be a candidate for a midget mod or fire pit conversion. Shorter...
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    Stainless Steel Replacement grates

    He does make charcoal grates and I would recommend them if you have a color kettle you wish to keep in good condition. I picked up a couple myself around Black Friday. When finding older kettles they almost always have heavy rust on and around the grate straps that the grates typically sit...
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    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    Well I hope if anyone was getting serious about buying that they already did so. Seems like there has been a run on the 26ers and they can't be bought at most retailers or directly from I checked and they said it ships from the warehouse in 6 to 8 weeks there.
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    Stainless Steel Replacement grates Try his etsy shop. He has a standard no hinge grate and a single hinge grate for the 26er. I believe they are the 25.5" grates, but check the diameter of your existing grate to be sure. The older 26ers actually take a different size of grate. He also...
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    26er and billows

    I would try a similar placement as you would see on the 22 and just keep the placement of the billows and your meat on the grill in mind. I haven't researched it thoroughly, but I have seen that billows can be used on a variety of grills. The only difference to the 22 is the size. So you...
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    Weber Performer Deluxe vs Summit Charcoal

    Either are great cookers. I have a Performer myself and the side table and stability is great. Gas start is nice, but isn't all that necessary. The main advantage to the 22 performer is the lower cost and ability to use about any accessory out there. If you live in very cold climate you...
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    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    If your wife has a favorite color find the closest match on and say it is because she loves that color. :p Honestly, I have probably purchased 9+ grills in the past year and a half (some of them keepers, some to trade, some for parts) and I would probably have more if it wasn't for...
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    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    I will be upfront and say I do not own a 26er currently simply because I have a Ranch for bigger cooks. However, I will eventually have one if I find a good deal on one or Weber finally does a color 26er or improved leg system. I think that having a 26er and a 22 would be great for about...
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    Could this be a Craigslist scam ?

    Maybe not a scam per say, but certainly someone who is hoping to catch someone who is misinformed. This frequently happens with the MT and premium grills. They will post a Premium as BRAND NEW MASTERTOUCH and try to sell it for $160 or more making you think you are getting a deal when the MT...
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    Using an old Kettle as a fire pit?

    A lot of people have done it. You can do a midget mod with shorter legs. Keeping the wheels on is up to you really. Then simply keep the charcoal grate on. It could be helpful to porcelain finish if you use a ring or something to keep the logs from directly touching it. Logs tend to burn a...
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    Performers metal table rusty

    I have not had rust issues myself, but replacing the screws with stainless steel hardware is a good way to help prevent rust from accumulating because the included hardware seems be to be the first thing to rust. You can try your hand with Weber with a warranty claim and you might get lucky...
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    SS Performer

    If you aren't going to use it then I would just look at selling it or donating it to someone who would appreciate it. Unless you just enjoy a clean up project you probably won't get your time or money back out of doing a new igniter and etc. Then someone can do what they want with it...
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    Weld joint rusted out on a 22 Kettle

    There really isn't a great fix for it. The best course I could have for you would be to try and remove as much of the rust as possible with some 0000 steel wool and dish soap and then either season it with oil and cook on it or buy some high heat paint at the hardware store and touch up the...
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    Is the Weber Summit Charcoal a flop?

    There are a few things that really drive up the price of the Ranch: 1.) There is a lot of material in making the thing given its size. 2.) It is actually rolled steel instead of stamped steel like all of their other products so the manufacturing cost is higher. 3.) The top grate is made with...
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    Is the Weber Summit Charcoal a flop?

    I don't think it is a flop, but I agree that it is priced about $200 to $300 too high at the moment. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that they wanted to have an offering (and a superior one in my opinion) to other kamado style grills. Pricing them cheaper really isn't something that...
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    Replacement Grates

    It is getting harder and harder to find them on close out. Places aren't keeping as much Weber stock on hand because people clean them out at the end of the year close out rather than buying during the season If they are for your own personal use it is probably just better to buy a few SS...
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    Interesting Jim Beam Smokey Joe

    If it makes you feel any better it wasn't NIB or anything. The previous owner used it and you could see a little rust in the usual areas when it comes to the SJ, Outriders, and JJs.
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    Interesting Jim Beam Smokey Joe Fast forward on that page to the 90s.
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    Interesting Jim Beam Smokey Joe

    Looks like it is already gone. Saw it yesterday. It was actually an Outrider too. If it was close to me I don't think I could not pick it up.