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    Cutting Board Reomendations

    Looking for a cutting board at least 18 inches by 24 inches. . Any recommendations? Thanks, Jeff
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    Rocket Scientist/Whole Hog Pitmaster

    I’m not good at links, but this is a really good video.
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    What do you think?

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    Smoking/Cooking raw bratwurst

    I’m going to probably use two 18.5 WSM cookers on Memorial Day. I’d like to use the extra room to smoke and cook some raw bratwurst. Looking for some cook times to smoke/cook at low and slow. Thanks.
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    Year 2000 Silver B Grill Cover

    I want to buy a Grill Cover for my year 2000 Silver B. Is the Weber part #7130 the best option? Thanks.
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    18.5 Cooking Grates Temperature Difference

    I usually only cook 3 butts on the top grate but am considering cooking 4 or 5 Memorial Day. Has anyone measured the temperature difference between the top and bottom cooking grates? Thanks.
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    Deep Ocean Blue 22 Kettle

    Does anyone have one and how does it look? Does it come with a cover? Thanks!
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    Minion Starter Basket

    Has anyone used one of these minion starter baskets. Looks like a neat inexpensive tool. Thanks.
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    Brackets for a NG Silver B

    Please tell me what these brackets on a NG Silver B are for.
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    Distance from Water Pan to Charcoal Chamber in 18.5

    Does anyone know the distance from the Weber Water Pan and the top of the Charcoal Chamber on the 18.5? I use a Brinkmann pan and want to know how much more charcoal I can add. I have a Cajun Bandit Coal Ring and it works great. However, I now have all the parts to put a second 18.5 together...
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    Just Butts

    Put them on at 4:10 and took them off at 3:30. Very enjoyable day!
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    Silver B from NG to LP

    I have a 20 year old NG Silver B and need to convert it to LP. The manifold appears to be in great shape. Can it be as simple as swapping out orifices or is there more to it? No hurry, as I’m piecing together a WSM. Thanks, Jeff
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    Offset Smoker Recommendations

    I’m considering an Offset Smoker. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks, Jeff
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    No Longer Needed. 18.5 WSM Lid and bottom section.

    I need them both. I can’t purchase either until I know I can purchase the other. Thanks!
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    Weber Customer Service

    I called Weber Saturday evening to buy some grill straps for the 18” WSM I bought in 2010. I had modified it back then with washers because the top grate was unstable. It worked fine when cooking one butt or ribs. I’ve recently been smoking 3 butts on the top grate and the top grate iis a bit...
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    Grate sizes for a year 2000 Silver B

    I’m going to buy some SS grates for the year 2000 Silver B I am restoring. I want to be exactly on size. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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    Rcplanebuyer CL contact

    Can someone please PM me Rcplanebuyer’s CL contact info? Thanks, Jeff
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    Picked up a 19 year old Silver B today

    I need a degreaser that won’t damage other parts of the grill. I need a product that will undo seizures of hardware. Thanks, Jeff
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    No paint on the inside of the grill

    I’m picking up a year 2000 Silver B that has been on a covered porch. This is my first restoration. Seems like painting the insides of the grill is a bad idea. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.
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    WTB: 18” WSM middle section with factory grommets

    That’s it. Thanks! No longer needed.