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  1. Jerry N.

    Out of practice

    I haven't been smoking for awhile. So, when I saw some ribs on sale, I bought them and figured on smoking them today in the little Weber. All good until I actually got the fire going. Right after I got the ribs on it started to rain. Okay, I can handle that, got a piece of plywood and put it...
  2. Jerry N.

    18" WSM Cover

    Working on clearing out my parents home and came across a 18" WSM Cover. It's in good shape but I figured not many people use the cover. If anyone is interested, please PM me. If anyone commits to it, I'll post in this thread. Thank you.
  3. Jerry N.

    Electric Pressure Washer Recommendation

    Anyone have an electric pressure washer that they're happy with? I'm just looking for something to clean the cars with instead of going to the car wash. Also thinking I might spray off my driveway and the wall (patio block wall) around my porch that had some mold on it. Thinking something...
  4. Jerry N.

    Cooking bacon a day ahead

    Last year at Christmas breakfast my DD blew it. Not enough bacon to go around. I’m going to step in this year and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thus the question, what’s a good procedure to cook a lot of bacon in advance and then heat it up on Christmas morning? I’m thinking three to...
  5. Jerry N.

    Turkey Breast Cooking Time and Method

    Going to do just a turkey breast for Thanksgiving. Looking for easy does it as I have never done one on my 14” and just want low stress. So I read Chris’ cooking section where he did two bone in breasts. Mine will be just a bit different in that my breast is enhanced (15% solution Honeysuckle...
  6. Jerry N.

    Chimney or torch?

    I had to downsize awhile back and got rid of my chimney (full size Weber). Now I only have a small WSM and I just got a jumbo joe. I want to be able to start a small amount of charcoal and was thinking of getting the compact Weber chimney. But I was also thinking of a torch. I’ve tried just...
  7. Jerry N.

    Aluminum grill grate covers

    Has anyone used an aluminum grill grate cover like the ones below? If so, how did they work for you? Reason I'm interested is that we're taking a vacation and I know the condo we're renting has natural gas...
  8. Jerry N.

    Best event of 2017

    Really just trying to test a picture hosting site, but the theme is that this was the best and most memorable event for me in 2017. August 21, 2017 Franklin KY What was yours?
  9. Jerry N.

    Cooking space issue

    Hoping for some ideas. I have a spiral ham to cook for Christmas Eve but I also want to cook Keri's baked beans. The problem is trying to get two things that need to go in the oven at different temps done at the same time. The ham is to go in the oven for 2.5 hours at 275°. The beans are...
  10. Jerry N.

    Michigan > New Hudson: Kensington Grill and Bar

    This restaurant looks like it would serve typical production BBQ but it is the real deal. Kensington Grill and Bar 30712 Lyon Center Dr. New Hudson, MI 48165
  11. Jerry N.

    Back in the saddle.

    Cooked today for the first time in over a year. Two things ran through my mind all day. First, the Glenn Frey song - The Meat Is On (okay I adlibbed a bit there) and second, the Arby's commercial - We have the meats! I cooked some ribs and some beef short ribs. They weren't as good as I've...
  12. Jerry N.

    1880 vs new 14.5" wsm

    I've been through a lot this past year and am looking to get back into smoking. One of the issues last year was moving and in the process drastically downsizing. In doing so, I sold my 18" and all my equipment except for my little one - the 1880. So now I have a small dilemma. Since I...
  13. Jerry N.

    Bone in turkey breast

    Where do you buy a bone in turkey breast? I'd like a good one (fresh, organic . . .), but it's late and I'm not that particular as I think I can make anything work as long as I can get one this weekend. Are they common (like anywhere that sells turkey) or are they a specialty item? I'm...
  14. Jerry N.

    Weber Silver A - Southeast MI

    I cleaned up a Weber Silver A for my son in law a couple years ago. I recently upgraded him to a Genesis and need to get rid of the Silver A. It's in good shape but for me, the value is in the fact that I replaced the old flavorizer bars and grates with stainless steel. If anyone is...
  15. Jerry N.

    New Thermometer - Smoke

    Looks like Thermoworks sees what people are interested in. Given their background, I expect this will be a very good product. Look out Maverick.
  16. Jerry N.

    Moving and selling my WSM

    I'm moving and downsizing and cannot take all my grilling/smoking equipment. Therefore I've decided to sell my 18" WSM. It's an older unit but it is in good shape - garage stored. Only mod is a thermometer through the rivet on the top vent. With the WSM also goes my charcoal and wood...
  17. Jerry N.

    Ribs on a 14.5"

    I'm thinking about getting rid of my 18 wsm. Would like to know how ribs fit on a 14.5. I'm particularly wondering how many ribs can be cooked without any rib racks. Currently, I roll my ribs and get three on the top rack of my 18. I'm pretty much only cooking baby backs and wondering if...
  18. Jerry N.

    Pork Butt 99 Cents

    Just got back from the store. Needed to have a Kroger's card, but they have bone in pork butts until Tuesday for 99 cents a pound. Nothing on them indicated any kind of injection. Package indicates that they were packaged a few days ago with a sell by of 9/4 so I'm guessing they were not...
  19. Jerry N.

    Rubber chicken

    I grill boneless skinless chicken breasts often. I seems like more often than before, they turn out rubbery. I don't do anything special and haven't done anything different in the cook/prep of the breasts. I put on some EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic powder and some oregano then cook on high...
  20. Jerry N.

    Spirit E-210 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill (Featuring the Gourmet BBQ System)

    I was at HD and saw this: Not focused on the Spirit but the grates with the middle insert. They call it the Gourmet BBQ System. It looked really cool. It would be...