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    Gas go anywhere bbq

    I was scrolling through the local Facebook selling page when I saw a Weber go anywhere gas bbq for £15. A few people had commented but I sent the lady a message and it was still available :) she lives a 5 minute drive away from me so I have just picked it up, it has been used once since 2017 all...
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    New to me 22 inch kettle

    A green kettle was advertised for free on one of the local facebook pages and seeing that it is winter it not a very popular item! Thinking ahead to the summer and that I might like to try cooking pizzas I went and collected it. It’s rather dirty, has a small dent on the lid and one of the...
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    Q lid repaint

    I have a Q200 lid and Q220 lid to be repainted. I have sprayed a Q100 before but I cannot remember if I put primer on first? What do you guys recommend? Do you use 2 cans of paint to cover one lid?
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    Q200 butane to propane

    Hi I have a UK issue Q200 that I have always used with a 13kilo butane tank. Now the local gas suppliers have decided that we all now need to use propane! So a new free regulator and a 13 kilo of propane is attached… The only think is, it doesn’t seem to be as hot as the butane? With butane I...
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    New to me Q220?

    On the local Facebook free cycle page was a well used Weber Q with a cart. I went and collected it last weekend and I think it is a Q220 from 2007 (the date stamp on the hose) as it has no labels or stickers on it. Whilst trying to get the grubby Q and cart in the car, I realised that its not a...
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    Q100 and Q200 received for free

    I picked up a Q100 with cart from the local recycling yard for nothing about 4 years ago. The inside was in really good condition but the paint on the lid was flaking off in places. I used this for a couple of years. Last year I picked up a Q200 from the same recycling yard with a cart and it...
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    Hello from Guernsey 🇬🇬 Channel Islands

    A new to me Weber Q owner. Over the years I have always had cheap charcoal BBQ's I can't believe the difference in cooking on a Weber Q.