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    Heatermeter 4.2 4-way button

    I just got around to finishing my heatermeter build but can't find a 4 way button that works. When I got the parts, I got the mouser recommended replacement which doesn't work at all. Does anyone have any idea where I could get a SKQUBAE010 or SKQUAAA010? Not the biggest deal in the world but...
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    Servo issues

    Hey, I finally got my first heatermeter put together and I am testing the fan and servo, the fan works great but my servo is going crazy. I tried two different servos to make sure it wasnt the problem. When open 100% it just moves like 1 degree back and forth really quickly for about 3 seconds...
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    4.2 Testing help

    I started to assemble my heatermeter 4.2 and I had a board without the smd parts already soldered on. I finished up step 1 before I realized that i had to put the thermocouple parts on and test them so I went back and did that. On my first test I accidentally swapped + and - when I attached a 9v...