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  1. Charles Howse


    When are Kingsford 2 x 20 on sale at Lowes and Home Depot? I'm almost out!!! :cry:
  2. Charles Howse

    Smoking Mac N Cheese on Weber Kettle

    Hi! Merry Christmas! I need to run my kettle indirect at 350* for about an hour or so. What is the minimum number of Kingsford Blue Briquettes I should use?
  3. Charles Howse

    Help with non traditional tamales

    Greetings, and Merry Christmas to all! I want to make a BUNCH of tamales for Christmas, but I want to do it different (read:easier). I want to use Pulled Pork BBQ, Red Sauce from a jar or can to mix with the meat. Masa para Tamales with lard instead of the stock from boiling the meat, plus...
  4. Charles Howse

    Non-Traditional Thanksgiving meal

    This might be the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever cooked!! From top left: Bacon, everything is better with, Bacon, Bacon Potato Salad, You can't believe how good this is till you make it 15 peeled hard-boiled eggs after spending about 20 mins over Hickory smoke. Bacon Deviled Eggs, featuring...
  5. Charles Howse

    My all-time best chili

    It was very cool, misty rain and windy this morning. Better now... ESPECIALLY since I made the best pot of chili ever!! For a DOUBLE BATCH, abt. 12 servings... INGREDIENTS 2 cans (16 oz) BUSH'S® Chili Beans (1 mild, 1 Medium) 4 tbsp oil or Lard 2 lbs ground Chuck 2 large onions, chopped 3...
  6. Charles Howse

    Pulled. Chicken Sammie's with a great sauce

    Made Last night with an Eastern Carolina Sauce. They were "Special Good". 2 cups Cider vinegar 1 Tbsp Crushed Red Pepper 1 Tbsp Texas Pete hot sauce (I had Crystal, so I used that) One teaspoon of ground black pepper One teaspoon of...
  7. Charles Howse

    Question about charcoal baskets

    If I get the charcoal baskets on my 22 in it doesn't have flip up sides to the cooking grate so how do I add charcoal mid cook??
  8. Charles Howse

    PERFECT Smoked Bologna on the Kettle

    5 lb chub of Bar-S Bologna. Kinda following this tutorial for a short low and slow. Things worked out really good after the heat came up on the grill. Oak and Pecan. The rub was perfect...Sweet...
  9. Charles Howse

    What kind of tree is this?

    I searched with Google Image Search Reverse, but it came back with "grass". It's not grass, haha. I think it's a member of the oak family, but don't see any nuts on the ground...that may be because of the time of year.
  10. Charles Howse

    How to arrange 6 leg quarters on 22" kettle

    I'm doing well with my new kettle. No disasters yet (knock on wood). I need to cook 6 chicken leg quarters. I assume indirect, coals in the center, legs in a circle around the coals. I see the need for baskets, but till then, which side of the bird should face the coals, and how often to...
  11. Charles Howse

    Proud new owner...

    of a Weber 22" Original Kettle. $109 + tax @ Lowe's. Didn't take long to put together, and easy, too...If you're 21 and weigh about 130 lbs. Too much "floor time" for this fat old man. I'm very pleased with it; it looks and feels VERY clean. No oil, no tiny metal shavings, etc. I'm going to...
  12. Charles Howse

    Serious Eats: What is pork shoulder?

    Not that anyone needs this information, but it's a good read
  13. Charles Howse

    Waterlogged Butt

    Thawing a butt in the sink and accidentally let it get soaked with water. Planning on trimming and salting it when thawed. Am I in trouble?
  14. Charles Howse

    Bologna tips

    Hello ALL, what is your favorite rub for bologna? Your favorite smoke wood? Water in the pan or no? Glaze or no? I'm curious about dousing with a vinegar sauce. Got some Texas Toast for sammies, thinking about garlic butter, caramelized onions, cheese. Your opinion welcome.😁
  15. Charles Howse

    I have recovered!!

    Thankfully, the effects of my self-induced Pork Coma have dissipated over night and I am feeling about normal this morning. Our cookout yesterday was fun and tasty, but not without challenges. I set up the WSM just as I have hundreds of times, got the coals going, added the pork butt, hung the...
  16. Charles Howse

    Bbq 911

    EMS is transporting me to the bedroom as we speak. Might be well enough to post something tomorrow depending on the severity of the BBQ coma! :D ;-)
  17. Charles Howse

    Troubleshooting - Smoked Burgers

    Hi!, I did this today. It was another great day to be alive and be in Tennessee!! Clr - p/c, 72, almost no wind. I bought 3# of ground beef, and made 9 1/3 lb patties out of it. 1 full chimney of kb, all vents wide open to stay within parameters of smoked-hamburgers.htm I took an hour and a...
  18. Charles Howse

    Smoked Brats

    [No pictures, so it didn't happen] OMG, this was so good. I smoked 15 Johnsonville Original Brats in the WSM over Oak until they hit 165. Into hot dog buns with caramelized onions and Sweet Baby Ray's Original. Going to be near the top of my 'do again' list. [Edit] I lightly oiled the brats...
  19. Charles Howse

    Pitmaster Certification

    11 y/o Bryan is testing today and tomorrow for his Official Pitmaster Certification! Here, he's loading charcoal into the WSM bottom section. Here, he's adding newspaper to the charcoal chimney. Tomorrow, he'll smoke a Boston Butt over Hickory as his final exam. Stay tuned for more pics...
  20. Charles Howse

    What does my signature look like?

    this is enough characters