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  1. Mac LA

    Work sharp ken onion or E5-NH Kitchen Knife Sharpener

    Hello Team, Has anyone used any of these, if so, can you provide some insight? Thank you Johnny
  2. Mac LA

    Pulled Brisket

    Has anyone here done pulled brisket as opposed to sliced (blasphemy I know)? Is the idea to just over-cook it or what? What you think? Johnny O.
  3. Mac LA

    Injecting and probes (Danger zone)?

    Hello Team, So I was reading on another site, debating whether I should inject a brisket or 2 I'm going to do this weekend (I always do), and came across this post below. "NOTE: If you inject your brisket, or if you insert a temp probe, or do anything to break the surface of your Brisket...
  4. Mac LA

    Brisket finishing temps

    Hello everyone, At what temps are you all pulling your briskets at? Only reason I'm asking is I went the place where I procure my wood from and they were handing out appetizers of meatballs (forgot what they called them) wrapped in bacon and jalapeno poppers also wrapped in bacon. While...
  5. Mac LA

    Injecting and rub - overnight

    Hello Everyone, Anyone else notice that their injection is being pushed out when you apply rub and leave it to sit overnight? I'm unsure if it is just my technique but I've noticed that when I inject/rub and leave to sit over night the bottom of the pan has wayy more injection vs when I first...
  6. Mac LA

    Another Mother's Day cook

    I made this stuff for the family. I posted the pulled pork in one of my threads already so it might be a double-take for some who saw that already. The flavor is there for my rib, but still working on pulling temps. I pulled some earlier and some later to see what I preferred. Not the...
  7. Mac LA

    Screwed up? Enhanced meat! (WM)

    So think I made a mistake yesterday while shopping at Wal-Mart (other than shopping at WM). I was picking up a few house supplies, and I must admit was starving, and you know what they say about that. Well, I came across a 9lb pork butt and figured, what the hell, I can make it over the weekend...
  8. Mac LA

    Vortex and wing flipping

    Anyone else notice that they have to flip their wings when using the vortex? When I first got the vortex the directions stated no flipping necessary, but one my first run I noticed one side of the wings ended up sort of soggy. After that initial run I've since started to flip them but have...
  9. Mac LA

    Defrosting Butts

    Hello Team! First off, I typically do not like freezing my meats but I got a deal on some butts 2 weeks ago (.99 per lbs) and now have roughly 18-19 lbs I need to thaw by Friday, am I screwed? Did some searching and read 3 days should be enough, but I dunno, my refrigerator still stays pretty...
  10. Mac LA

    Triangle stand

    Just wanted to thank the forum for putting me on to this. I've had the part forever, just got around to hacking it up and putting it together. Great mod in my opinion. I'm sure you've all seen it before. It's zipped tied now at the legs (not pictured). Thanks again! Johnny
  11. Mac LA

    Gyro meat on WSM or kettle?

    Hello everyone! Has anyone here done Gyro meat on their kettle or WSM? I’m trying to give myself excuses to purchase a CB rotisserie but chicken and turkey has been the only consideration for doing so thus far. I really love Mediterranean food and would love to do my own gyros. Anyone? What...
  12. Mac LA

    Buffalo + Lemon Pepper with Vortex?

    Rather than deep fry, have any of you tried to cook wings up with these flavors with your vortex?
  13. Mac LA

    Smoke for 40 people

    So my brother is graduating from the Sheriff's academy in early August and I've been tasked with "catering" the celebrations. Yes, it's a bit early but it's sort of fun to plan so I'm trying to put together numbers now. I'm not sure if it's because I'm stupid or tired (or both) but the math is...
  14. Mac LA

    Vortex and grate question

    Hello Everyone, Just had a quick question for those running Vortex units. Would you recommend upgrading to a cast iron grate? I've read a few reviews that stated it burns so hot that it rusted the existing grate. Any truth to this? Thanks in advance, Johnny
  15. Mac LA

    Cutting boards

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is going well. Just wanted to see what type of cutting boards/butcher blocks you all are using? Started to look into plastic but I think wood is better? Thoughts? If you use wood, what type of wood? Been seeing bamboo, cherry but was reading maple or beech...
  16. Mac LA

    First Smoke Day - Late

    Sort of working backward here, but here is it - only my second brisket ever. I feel like I'm getting better at it, everyone enjoyed it, except for my girlfriend who couldn't decide if she liked this one or my first one more - I dumped her right jk 11 lb C.A.B Will add a few...
  17. Mac LA

    Brisket Rest - how long is too long?

    Just doing my hw prep for what will be my first brisket but I'm sort of stuck on rest times, trying to plan this all out. I'm using the offical meat smoking calculator but it started off with a 4hr rest, which seems excessive, to me - will an hour or 2 do it? I feel like an hour is adequate...
  18. Mac LA

    Look what I got to play with!!!

    Was helping a buddy of mine over the weekend (owner of The SmoKing Rib) with a catering event and got to mess around with his smoker, a Cadillac rotisserie!!! Man this thing was soo stable, it was simply amazing! The only downside to this unit was if you lose power or the motor goes out, you...
  19. Mac LA

    Butt Problems...

    Hey everyone Had little issues with a pork butt I was cooking this weekend. First, most of my injection was in the pan from the previous day. I’ll take responsibility for this as I didn’t take enough care like I usually do.… OK fine, no big deal…. Secondly, I experienced a significant stall...