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  1. MikeS in Alaska

    Not enough Weber stuff for Smoke day

    Looks a bit short
  2. MikeS in Alaska

    NY Strips on the Silver B

    The beginning of May and there is still snow in front of my house. Picked up a couple of Strips from a local custom butcher in celebration of the temp climbing north of 50. Did a reverse sear on the Silver B.
  3. MikeS in Alaska

    Reindeer dogs

    Grilled a few reindeer dogs and onions on the silver b. Almost got a yearling moose in the mix.
  4. MikeS in Alaska

    Have you started your garden?

    Didn't do much last year, we were cleaning up issues from the 7.1 shaker Nov-18. Spring seems to be running a bit late this year. There is still a good 6 inch snow cover. We are putting in two new raised beds and possibly a tomato shanty for this season. But the tomatoes, peppers, cruciferous...
  5. MikeS in Alaska

    Summer’s comin’ just not yet

    We’ve been in a bit of a cool spell since the first of the year. On New Years Eve the local weather was 46°F and rain changing overnight to +8°F and 10 inches of snow on New Years Day. Since then we’ve been on the south side of Zero bouncing between -17°F and -5°F. The latest word is cold to...
  6. MikeS in Alaska

    Thanksgiving 2019 Turkey

    This year we brined a Butterball, hit it with some BRITU rub, then on to the WSM 18.5 Start Put the raincoat on due to weather Abit over done, but good eats anyway. I estimated it would be done at about 3.5 hours but she was ready in just 3. However, the gravy was to die for. Such...
  7. MikeS in Alaska

    Turkey warmup

    I've only been using the WSM for a couple of years now. I know that sooner or later someone will open their fat mouth and offer to do a turkey for one of the winter holidays. So I thought I would practice before winter sets in next week. Winter is never more than a few thousand feet or a couple...
  8. MikeS in Alaska

    A few cooks from this summer

    I usually end up elbows deep in the finished product before I think about a photo. Sometimes I get a photo at the start of the cook but not when finished. But here are a few from the summer of 2019. Which was a fantastic summer as far as weather was concerned this year. But it can start to rain...
  9. MikeS in Alaska

    Weber Style dual probe digital thermometer 6741

    Does anyone know off hand if the unit can be calibrated or at least adjusted? Mine reads about 20 - 25 ° off from my Thermapen and while I can do the math, I'm retired and shouldn't have to think too much any more. Thanks
  10. MikeS in Alaska

    Spring training

    I've only had the WSM 18 for a couple of seasons now. Sill learning my way around it. First cook this year really wasn't a cook, It was a fully cooked ham. About 3.5 hours at 230 -250, dry water pan, honey mustard brown sugar glaze for the last hour. Target temp internally 140°F Second...
  11. MikeS in Alaska

    Temp probe placement and mainenance (Thermoworks)

    Just got an email from Thermoworks that had a link to an interesting blog post on temperature probes and cable management. While they only reference their probes, the general info should be vaiid for all. Although it looks like a Catch 22. Don't run your probe cables over hot spots, touch a...
  12. MikeS in Alaska

    A 16# Butterball on the 22.5" Kettle

    I opted to put her on the kettle as I seem to be better able to control temp on the kettle in cold weather. 16.3 pund Butterball "Natural". Brined over night with 1/2 gal Apple Juice, 1 cup kosher salt, 1 tbl sage, 1 tsp each blk pepper, thyme, basil, onion powder. Add enough water to just...
  13. MikeS in Alaska

    Managed to find some beef ribs

    Cleaned them up a bit They don't peel as easy as the pork ribs. Rubbed them up with just a basic black pepper based rub. Then gave them about 7 hours in the 18.5 WSM at about 250°F A chunk of Mesquite, a couple of Hickory, and one Apple. Sauced them in the last hour. Sauce was just...
  14. MikeS in Alaska

    Smoking in the rain

    Can't let the rain stop the smoke. It's 53°F and raining. Nothing to do but rig a tarp and put your butt on. The WSM 18 on the right is a craigslist find. It needed a good scrubbing. It looked like the PO tried a "hot squat" and was unsuccessful. Also they got creative with the hardware and...
  15. MikeS in Alaska

    Beef Rib Shortage ?

    So I got a hankerin' to try smoking some beef ribs on the WSM only to find out beef ribs are a rare commodity in Anchorage. Went to both food chains, to Costco, and to the local butcher shop. Only the local butcher has any, and they are frozen. Will have to see if they are suitable or just dog...
  16. MikeS in Alaska

    Redhead for possible restoration

    This unit has been rolling around the local craigslist for a bit. I don't need a gas unit, already have a Silver B but I do like the extra table and the wood. Owner claims there are "9 one way 3 the other" on the flavorizer bars and sent a shot showing just three long bars and a bunch of...
  17. MikeS in Alaska

    A Little Knowledge can be a Dangerous Thing

    Using information from this site I smoked a brisket flat and two racks of baby backs simultaneously in the 18.5 WSM this weekend. They didn't suck. There's hope yet. Thanks !
  18. MikeS in Alaska

    SouthCentral Alaska

    Been a Weber user for years, just doing basic grilling and some smoking with a 22" Kettle and a Genesis Silver. Decided to try my hand at smoking with the 18.5" WSM. Still looking for the perfect combination of brine, smoke, and temp for red salmon. Everyone has their own idea of "perfect". I...