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  1. MikeS in Alaska

    What's the craziest weather you're ever grilled in?

    Over 40 years ago when we arrived in Alaska I swore I'd never grill in the snow or during a snow storm. Well, that promise didn't last long. I will say the Genesis Silver B made winter cooks less painful.
  2. MikeS in Alaska

    Re: Bugs while grilling

    I love the smell of DEET in the morning. It smells like victory...
  3. MikeS in Alaska

    Not enough Weber stuff for Smoke day

    Looks a bit short
  4. MikeS in Alaska

    Chimney starter

    I use a propane torch to light off a chimney of briquettes or lump. Takes about a minute to set it off.
  5. MikeS in Alaska

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    I have just been informed the menu will include a slab of St. Louis ribs and a whole chicken.
  6. MikeS in Alaska

    New to me WSM 18.5

    Some like the notch because it’s quick. I would be more inclined to retrofit a now standard side grommet. But that’s just me.
  7. MikeS in Alaska

    New to me WSM 18.5

    Thermometer and side handles are mods. Has a notch or side grommets been added for probe cables?
  8. MikeS in Alaska

    Bacon wrapped pork loin - how would you cook it?

    I like to wrap pork tenderloin in bacon then grill with indirect heat. A pork loin is a different matter, I would look at unwrapping it then do a wet brine or injection of some sort and loosely drape the bacon over it. Then indirect heat until center is desired temp. It's easy to end up with a...
  9. MikeS in Alaska

    What kind of a trip planner are you?

    I’m a paper map user. They don’t need power.
  10. MikeS in Alaska

    NY Strips on the Silver B

    The beginning of May and there is still snow in front of my house. Picked up a couple of Strips from a local custom butcher in celebration of the temp climbing north of 50. Did a reverse sear on the Silver B.
  11. MikeS in Alaska

    New 18.5 WSM

    “It’s a major award!!”
  12. MikeS in Alaska

    Reindeer dogs

    Grilled a few reindeer dogs and onions on the silver b. Almost got a yearling moose in the mix.
  13. MikeS in Alaska

    Can a WSM door just "fall off"?

    If tolerances are loose enough, I can see the door popping open during use. You may need to give the door and latch the "wiggle" test both cold and hot to see if it comes loose.
  14. MikeS in Alaska

    Forums slow for anyone else.

    The speed fluctuates here. One time it will drag its feet, the next is lickety split. Multiple devices and browsers. ADSL and cellular data networks.
  15. MikeS in Alaska

    Have you started your garden?

    Didn't do much last year, we were cleaning up issues from the 7.1 shaker Nov-18. Spring seems to be running a bit late this year. There is still a good 6 inch snow cover. We are putting in two new raised beds and possibly a tomato shanty for this season. But the tomatoes, peppers, cruciferous...
  16. MikeS in Alaska

    How NOT to operate your grill

    I was always a fan of Purdue University engineer George Goble and his 3 minute ready to cook method
  17. MikeS in Alaska

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Severe cabin fever setting in. March is the usual season for it in Alaska. The days are longer and the temps are warmer but you're still up to your hips in snow and ice. This is when the weird starts to come out. If I watch one more rerun of BBQ Pitmasters ....
  18. MikeS in Alaska

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    A local guy was just got popped for price gouging. Seems all through February he went around to all big box hardware and smaller hardware / construction suppliers and bought out N95 masks (several thousand) to resell on eBay and Amazon at a healthy markup. This led to a local shortage of masks...
  19. MikeS in Alaska


    Traditional is skirt steak. I’ve use flank, tri tip, round. Anything that is tender enough to bite thru if sliced thin enough.
  20. MikeS in Alaska

    Weber Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Been using this set for years