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  1. Doug Selman

    Performer on CL

    Somebody better grab this, won't last long! Barbecue Grill Weber - $100 (Sacramento)
  2. Doug Selman

    Free Old Brownie

    Comes with a chair to have a beer & watch the smoke rise.<br><br><span class="postingtitletext">Free Webber Charcoal BBQ and Resin Adirondack<small><font size="5"> (Elk Grove/South Sac)</font></small></span><br> <br></font></small></span> oops gone as I was posting!
  3. Doug Selman

    CL listing

    Looks like a Blue Master Touch in good shape in the Sacramento area. $35
  4. Doug Selman

    RS Chicken cook

    I did RSC yesterday for a surprise Sweet 16 B-day party for our Niece. I didn't get many detailed pictures as Bob Correll's RSC cook, but here's a couple of before and after shots. 12 Leg quarters fit just right on the top grate, 22 WSM/no pan/high heat method. The grate is so far above the...
  5. Doug Selman

    CL Performer

    Here's a Performer that just went up on CL. It's a Gold without the Igniter but comes with a New Roti! Not a bad deal, but I already got my Platinum a couple months ago.
  6. Doug Selman

    Hassleback potato recipe?

    Tried doing a search for Hassleback (sp?) potatos using different spellings, and only got 1 result from a 2012 post by Bob Correll with expired pictures. Does anyone have a recipe or procedure for them? TIA
  7. Doug Selman

    Weekend cooking frenzy

    Between getting a new toy and a large Super Bowl menu, I kinda went into a little bit of a frenzy Sat and Sun. Started off Sat morning with 2 3# chuckies, with Chris's clone for Armadillo Willy's rub on the 22.5 WSM for Pulled BBQ beef sammies on Sun. Then Saturday evening threw on a Pork...
  8. Doug Selman

    Performer BluBQ

    I had been watching Craig's List for a while now, and finally snagged a "new-to-me" Performer last Friday, just in time for the Big Game cook! I think it is an '11-'12 model, the lid vent is stamped AA (2011?) and the Serial # begins with AU (2012?). It is in real good shape, but the charcoal...
  9. Doug Selman

    3rd Mini build

    Hi guys, a few months back, I offered to our long time good friends wife to build a Mini for her husbands Bday. I used a Vasconia pot for the first 2 I've built, but of course couldn't find one this time around. I found a generic 32qt pot at a Hispanic grocery store nearby for $21 and took a...
  10. Doug Selman

    Half Baked idea?

    Week before last I was down in the basement and notice the bread machine on the bottom shelf of a cabinet and thought, I need to use that. So brought it up and made a loaf of whole wheat bread. Which lead me to think I need to try making some Sourdough! So last week I found my bread book and...
  11. Doug Selman

    Hi-heat legs n thighs

    I was going to cook some chicken thighs and legs on Sunday but our plans changed. I had put them in bag and poured Stubbs citrus & onion Chicken Marinade over them. So got about a 48 hr. soak. Removed the water bowl out of the 22 wsm and fired it up and let it get good n hot (350+). Added 3...
  12. Doug Selman

    Monday Brats n Dogs

    Used Weber's recipe for Beer Brats from Jamie Purviance for a MNF meal this evening. My wife likes hot dogs, so I threw a couple dogs into the bath too. Then on to the grill to brown up Plated on a Bolillo roll with stone ground Dijon and the sauerkraut and onions from the bath, chips...
  13. Doug Selman

    Performer preference?

    I've been watching CL for a good deal on a performer platinum (I know, along with everyone else;)). I'm interested in advice/suggestions/comments on the advantages and disadvantages between the older SS's and the newer version with the thermoplastic table?
  14. Doug Selman

    Simple Sunday Football food

    It was kind of a lazy day with just my wife and I watching games today. After seeing Mr. Lampe's spiral bacon dogs the other day that looked so good, figured I'd give em a try. I also thawed out a Turkey Kielbasa to go with the dogs. Took the heat diffuser out of the Mini and fired it up with 2...
  15. Doug Selman

    wednesday wing flop

    My wife doesn't like chicken much, so since she was out of town last night, I tried some wings on the Mini. I marinated them overnight in Italian dressing, soy sauce, lime juice, and garlic. Fired the Mini with Kingsford comp and Pecan chunks. I was aiming for 300* + in the Mini but it never got...
  16. Doug Selman

    Sunday Smoked Turkey Breast

    Hello everyone, I wanted something other than beef or pork for dinner today, so got out the Turkey breast half I found in the freezer when I defrosted the other day, lol. Picked up a 2nd half from the store this morning to make sure I had enough leftover for sandwiches. I kept it simple and just...
  17. Doug Selman

    My 22 yr old Redhead is a hottie

    Well this started out to be just another deep cleaning! As I was cleaning I kept taking things off, and as they say "one thing lead to another", next thing I knew she was all apart down to the frame lol. So then came sanding, masking, and painting of the fire box, lid ends and frame. I had done...
  18. Doug Selman

    CL Performer

    Wish this wasn't so far away from me, 2 1/2 - 3 hr. drive. The lid looks pretty rough though.
  19. Doug Selman

    Saturday StL's

    I've been cleaning out the freezer also, so I can defrost it next week (have some major ice build up, lol). Had 2 3lb racks of St Louis I put on the 22.5 WSM yesterday. Rubbed em w/Slap Yo Daddy, and used 3 chunks of apple and 1 pecan. The ribs look blotchy because of leave shadows from a...
  20. Doug Selman

    Hamburger Roast a la Mini (aka: Meatloaf)

    Made my wife's favorite, meatloaf, for Thursday dinner. Combined about 2lbs. hamburger & 1 1/4 lbs. grnd pork and whatever looked good in the spice cabinet. Formed into a disposable 9" alum cake pan with holes I made w/ice pick for grease to drain off. Went into the Mini with a bunch of small...