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  1. Doug Selman

    Grill station and family bonding

    Great job you and the kids did on your "grill island" Jesse! I want/need to put something up over my cook area big time. This Valley sun keeps eating up the covers I keep on mine. I'm not too far from you in Newman.
  2. Doug Selman

    Out of the Charcoal Loop Some people have been using the Weber briquetts and really like them. I have not tried them yet myself, still using KBB. Just picked up some more this past weekend while Lowe's had the 2 packs on sale through today. There are a couple of other recent...
  3. Doug Selman

    Charcoal recommendations specifically for slow n sear long smoking session?

    Yes, you're right! The "sale" price went up last year to $12.98 for the 2 packs. Looks like a bigger increase again this year, along with everything else. Still watching for a "sale" price for the weekend, hopefully.
  4. Doug Selman

    I bought a house. It came with a grill. First cook as a homeowner!

    Congrats! Very nice housewarming gift the previous owner left you. You did a great job on that Sirloin with it!
  5. Doug Selman

    Smoker King Becomes Smoked King Mackerel Dip - Part 2

    Awesome post Jeff! I've made a similar cream cheese/mayo dip with Smoked Salmon in the past. Caught a few Mackinaw Lake trout on Tahoe (nothing big though), at the end of February. Brought them home and smoked em. Love smoked fish!
  6. Doug Selman

    *Kudos* Weber Mini Build

    Welcome to the forum Jake. I have used these guys quit a few times, Stick This Graphics , not sure if they do any Custom stuff but you could contact them. You'll love the Mini, they are great little smokers. MIne goes Camping with us. Good luck
  7. Doug Selman

    Laryngitis Baby Back Ribs

    Picture is worth a 1000 words (y)
  8. Doug Selman

    Uploading pictures

    Chris A., do you have a preference as to which host service has the easiest user interface?
  9. Doug Selman

    Multiple minis built this summer

    Awesome builds Jay! Nice work. I'm sure the giftees will enjoy them for a long time to come!
  10. Doug Selman


    I have not done it, but may try it some day. Sounds excellent in a Bloody Mary also. This is a recipe from another site I saw a couple of weeks ago for Smoked Ice also.
  11. Doug Selman

    TVWB 20th Anniversary Celebration Cake

    Mmmmm, cake! Very cool cake Chris. Congrats and thanks so much for the site. All that slice needed was a scoop of vanilla ice cream next to it!
  12. Doug Selman

    3 days in the hills with a Smokey Joe

    Very cool post Kristof!! I'll be up at Heavenly So. Tahoe in a couple of weeks, maybe I should take my Mini WSM up the Tram with me, could probably make some new friends up there! I don't think Vail Resorts would approve though, lol.
  13. Doug Selman

    Birthday/Back To School/Labor Day Cookout

    Looks finger lickin Phil! Happy belated Birthday!
  14. Doug Selman

    Freezer Score! (tri tip)

    Clint, nice TT cook! I have some in the freezer also, time to get 1 or 2 of 'em out. Not much longer and those peaks will be covered in white again! I've been to several of the resorts around you, but not in a quite a few years. My Wife used to have to go to corporate meetings and training in...
  15. Doug Selman

    7 Briq Chimney Chuck Eyes and Cast Iron Bacon/Okra

    Mmmm, great cook Bob! Love fried Okra, just did some a couple weeks ago. Just an egg/milk wash and coat with corn meal, then into a CI skillet.
  16. Doug Selman

    Skirt Steak, Skillet Potatoes and Bundled Beans

    Awesome cook Cliff! Green beans are my favorite veggie, I will definitely have to try the bean bundles! I had Asparagus the same way up camping a few weeks ago, but cooked in a CI skillet on the Camp Chef stove.
  17. Doug Selman

    Work in progress: Custom Table

    Good job, nice table! You'll enjoy it!
  18. Doug Selman

    This could just be Florida's First Tri Tip

    Hi Dan, good job on that TT! If you're interested here are a couple of YouTube videos on Santa Maria bbq which is where Tri Tip originated from. I use Red Oak chunks from Fruita Wood when I do TT (the...
  19. Doug Selman

    A Very Quick Meal

    Way to think outta the box Cliff with just the chimney and grate for a "quick fix" meal! I like it!
  20. Doug Selman

    Swedish mini

    Nice job on your prototype, you will enjoy the great food that comes off of these! Definitely post pictures of your final product and maiden cook! And welcome to the Forum.