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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    13 lbs.
  2. J

    Cast Iron and Induction

    Never had a problem with cast iron skillets on our induction cook top.
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    I ordered a Black Angus Choice brisket from Creekstone Farms last Thursday during their National Brisket Day Special. It was advertised as between 13 and 16 pounds and the receipt said approximately 13 pounds. It arrived this morning packed in ice and the brisket weighed 19 pounds. It should...
  4. J

    First Time - Whole Brisket on WSM 18

    Looking good!
  5. J

    22.5" stock lid thermometer stays at 125 degrees

    Will you have to drill your WSM?
  6. J

    22.5" stock lid thermometer stays at 125 degrees

    My 10 year old WSM thermometer was running 110 degrees below what the Smoke grate probe was showing on Memorial Day. It was so far off I thought something was wrong with the Smoke. The Smoke was spot on in several different tests. I bought a new thermometer at eReplacementParts for a second WSM...
  7. J

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    Has anyone here cooked a whole packer at 300’ and had it done in 5 hours? Just curious as I have company coming soon and don’t want to spend 14 hours on a brisket.
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    County Ham ????

  9. J

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    2 possibilities.
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    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    I save my bacon grease for cornbread.
  11. J

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    You’re not going to tell us?
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    County Ham ????

    It depends on how much time and effort you want to spend. Cooking a city ham is easy. Cooking a country ham is a lot of work. It’s like comparing grilling a steak to smoking a brisket. I cooked a country ham once. Now I buy center cut slices from Benton’s Country Hams or the grocery store.
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    Weber 1200 NG to LPG

  14. J

    Publix has some charcoal on clearance

    I think it’s $7.00 a bag instead of $7.99. It’s still a good deal. I could be wrong. Odds are that I am.
  15. J

    Weber 1200 NG to LPG

    Bruce, Are there some on a NG Silver B? If so, where? Thanks!
  16. J

    What do you think?

    I just sent him another email. I’ll see if he answers this time.
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    Smash Burgers for National Hamburger Day #TBT

    No, I’ve never been to Steak’n Shake.
  18. J

    Homemade Burger or Restaurant Burger?

    Twins or triplets are even better!
  19. J

    Calculating cooking time

    A WSM is basically an oven. As long as you have a couple of inches of space between the butts for air flow the 2 butts will cook as fast as 1 butt.