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  1. BobJ

    Price for an 18 Premium Kettle

    I need to get rid a few grills, the 1st being my 2008 18" kettle. As they don't make them any more and I have no idea what I paid for it I could use suggestions on a price for craigs list. I'm thinking $50-75?
  2. BobJ

    How do you get the most moist and tender chicken?

    For one that does not eat chicken skin, what's the best way to cook whole chickens to end up with fall off the bone? I've read thru Chris's Hot and Fast, which looks to work well for crispy skin, and something like beer can chicken that looks to work but without crispy skin. I'm guessing that...
  3. BobJ

    Black Spots

    Picked up the attached butt today from a local butcher which is doing curb side service so you don't see what you get till you get home. As you can see, there are blackish spots on butt which I've not seen before, anyone else seen such? Smells fine, was not cyro packed, just wrapped in butchers...
  4. BobJ

    Image File Size

    Is there a max file size? I'm having slow response when attempting to view some images in the forums on my phone via cell.
  5. BobJ


    Looking into the topic of having and maintaining the correct smoke in my 14. Figuring using minion method, starter on top of unlit charcoal. Do charcoal briquettes give off creosote? if so when? Same q for lump. How about when you add dry smoke wood chunks, it must give off creosote, I'm...
  6. BobJ

    Foil Wrapping

    Another thread reminded me... During my last BB rib cook when I wrapped the ribs after 3 hrs the temp of the ribs went from 165 down to 140, is that normal? On the 14.5 WSM I cut the rack in half. Carry the halves inside the house to wrap, guessing it takes about 5 minutes to get them back on...
  7. BobJ

    Need a bigger kettle

    I currently have an 18" Premium that my charcoal cooking has outgrown, as such I'm looking to bump up to a 22, either the Master-Touch or the Performer. Thing is I can't find anywhere around me that has anything other then the Original 22 on display. For one, I can't tell if the regular...
  8. BobJ

    ATC system vs Pellet grill

    I have a WSM 14 that I picked up early this spring. All my long cooks have been started roughly at 9pm, meaning I stay up till midnight or 1am waiting for everything to get settled in, then up a couple times during the wee hours to check things, and getting up for good around 6am. I'm looking...
  9. BobJ

    Jumbo Joe

    Does anyone know of a carry bag that the Jumbo will fit into? The one for the Smokey @ 19.6"H X 18.9"W X 16.5"D looks close.
  10. BobJ

    Question on a pork butt cook

    Did my 3rd butt yesterday, 8lbs on a WSM 14, came out pretty good but I'm wondering if it was overcooked. Put it on 10pm Sunday @ 225, bumped up the temp to 250-275 as it was cold out and the meat temp at 6am was pretty low. Struggled with the temp all day finding it hard to get up to 250...
  11. BobJ

    Buying Pork Ribs

    Not sure if this is the right sub forum but... The last 2 cryo packed rib purchased smelled pretty bad when I opened them. 1st one was a single St Louis cut rack from the local grocery store, wife said it was fine and it tasted fine when cooked. Just got a 3 pack of back ribs from Costco (sell...
  12. BobJ

    Jumbo Joe bowl size

    Can't find a Jumbo Joe on display near me, can someone with both it and an 18.5" Kettle tell me if the overall dimensions are the same or close to it? I'm looking for depth of the lid and the fire bowl. Thanks
  13. BobJ

    To cover or not to cover

    My gas grill sits out in the New England elements so I've always kept them covered. Anyone who has used a cover is wet areas knows the waterproof properties don't last long. On the last grill I had a short Weber cover that I really liked, plenty of air flow to dry the moisture after rain. As...
  14. BobJ

    14.5 capacity

    How many whole or 1/2 chickens can I cook in a 14.5" WSM? Any style.
  15. BobJ

    Smoke Wood

    Quick question. I'm a hobbyist woodworker, can I use hardwood lumber cut offs as smoke wood? in particular oak and cherry? I imagine much but not all of it is kiln dried. I believe the PA cherry I get is Black cherry, and the oak for the most part is red oak. Thanks Bob
  16. BobJ

    1 burner goes out on low

    On a 2001 Genesis 3 burner grill, the near burner that you use to light the grill goes out when turned to low, every now and then it'll flicker but that's it. The middle and back burners function correctly. I did not replace the burners, manifold, or the regulator when I rebuilt it last week...
  17. BobJ

    Using both racks in a 14.5

    What would be the result of doing a cook with differing meats on differing grates? Something like a butt on top and ribs below, any problem with one dripping on the other? How about if one of the 2 is a chicken, or am I better off using the kettle for the chicken? I'm thinking like types of...
  18. BobJ

    Looking for 14.5" accessories

    Can anyone provide a part # and /or source for a rib rack that fits a 14.5"? Also need a shallower drip pan, the original sits on the coals for long cooks. Looks like they don't burn right doing so. Thanks
  19. BobJ

    2001 Genesis Gold C rehab Q's

    A few quick questions. Need to replace the brackets that hold up the Bottom Tray, any source for such? is this what I see called "Z Brackets"? If it is I can't find them at RCPlaners store. Do you try and clean off the grease from the insides of the aluminum before hitting it with the wire...
  20. BobJ

    A Weber 5 Skillit?

    Never seen one of these.