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    Looking for Canadian smokies recipe

    Does anyone have a recipe for Canadian style smokies? I would like to make some with some moose I have. Thanks Ken
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    Pizza dough - sourdough wild yeast culture from Naples

    After a long period of very little pizza making I am jumping right back into it. I really enjoy making bread, especially sourdough from all wild yeast cultures. I ordered several freeze dried cultures from (Sourdoughs International) and am very impressed with them. I...
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    Need help calculating Cure #1 amount required in apple brined turkey recipe

    Hello I am hoping that someone can help me out with the calculation to determine how much Cure #1 to add to the apple-brined turkey recipe from this site. I want to add the cure for the added food safety factor. I will be brining a 12 pound turkey. Thanks in advance for your help/ Ken
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    Cold weather bbqing

    I learned a very useful little trick for using my WSM in cold temps over the holidays. In my exuberance to smoke something over the holidays, okay that doesn't sound quite right, I decided to do 2 pork butts when the temps here in Alberta were -27c (-16f). I began by filling the water pan...
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    Timing the bbq'ing

    Hi Dave, What a great priveledge to be able to speak with you. I am up here in that great bbq mecca of the "Great White North'! My question is about how you manage and time the start of the bbqing at your restaurants. Do you cook over night? Do staff start bbqing in the middle of the night...
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    Montreal Smoked Meat (MSM)- question

    I am currently curing a brisket for my first attempt at crafting some MSM. I purchased a whole brisket and cut it into thirds for the ease of handling. My question is that after I apply the final dry rub and smoke it do I steam all three pieces prior to freezing them or do I package them...
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    Canadian Thanksgiving coming - what will be on the bbq?

    What are my fellow Canadians planning for their T-Day meals? Thanksgiving for us up north here is October 8th this year. I will apple brine a fresh turkey and smoke/cook on my WSM. I usually also do a plethora of wild game dishes but this year it will be a meal for only my wife and myself. Ken
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    Thanksgiving beverages

    Does anyone have some old favourites they serve on turkey day? Ken
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    cooking a smaller piece of brisket

    I need to tap the cumulative wisdom of this board for some advice for roughly calculating how much time I neetd to cook a smaller piece of brisket. I have a 5lb piece and will be doing a standard cook at 235F. How much time roughly will i need. I am trying to determine if I have to start the...
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    Bacon - question about the cook cycle

    I did follow the advice to cook at 250F. I did the cook at 250F but found some of the fat was melting. Is this normal or was my temp too warm? Thanks Ken
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    Cold smoking bacon

    I am currently doing the 48 hour cure with a belly and would like to try and cold smoke it. What temperature and for how long do I smoke it for? Thanks Ken
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    Semi High Heat brisket

    I can't get any higher than 275F on current smoker - its an electric -my WSM will be joining me soon! Can anyone venture a good guess of roughly how much time per pound it would take do do a brisket at 275F, or is this just a bad idea do cook at this temp? I just need it for a rough estimate...
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    Need recipe ideas - have the following ingredients

    I am looking for some recipe ideas and I am going to try soliciting recipes from a different angle here. I am going to list the ingredients and cooking hardware that I have available. Cooking hardware: I am currently living out of my RV as I am looking for a property in the location of my new...
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    need seafood recipes!!!!!

    I've moved from the great Canadian prairies to the mecca of seafood on Vancouver Island. I am looking for all kinds of seafood recipes - both smoked and "plain"! I've been catching and smoking my own frewsh sockeye salmon. I've also bought fresh albacore tuna that I am getting the loins cold...
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    What different rubs do you use

    What a pleasure to be able to pick your brain!!!! What different rubs or rub ingredients do you use for ribs, chicken and brisket? Thanks Ken
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    Source for smoker wood in Calgary/area?

    Can anyone, perhaps Shawn W. has some recommendations, direct me to a source for smoke wood chunks in the Calgary or Edmonton area. I seem only able to find Luhr Jensen wood chips. Thanks Ken
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    Using dried chilis in rub mixtures -methods

    This has probably been discussed previously but I hope I can ask it again. How do you prepare the dried chilis for grinding and what appliance or utensils are you using? Does the method differ by the variety of chili pepper? Do you remove seeds in some peppers or do you alway leave seed in...
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    Any suggestions for a source for chiles in Canada

    After reading all these rub recipes I would like to try making some at home. Does anyone know of a source in Canada for the dried chiles? Thanks Ken