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    Water or No Water

    I do both...I don't use water if I'm going for high heat, I use it if I want to hold steadier temps over a longer cook. It's fun to experiment every which way. That's the beauty of BBQ.
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    Asian Tuna Steaks

    Tuna steaks looks perfectly done to my liking. Amazing.
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    Terrible Smoke Today

    I had the opposite problem last week when making ribs...I foiled them after 3 hours and some of the foil got caught under the the dome lid where it meets the middle section causing it to not be sealed. My temps shot up to 330 in a matter of minutes. My fault for drinking a few beers and not...
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    WSM 18.5" Lower Price on Amazon

    Keep an eye out for sales on Amazon...I got mine for $249.99 around July/August of 2011.
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    First butt on 18.5

    My wife won't let me use towels to put in the cooler, so a good alternative is crumpled up newspaper. So if any grease/liquid escapes the foil you can just throw the paper away.
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    Coolest thing I've ever smoked

    Our mutual friend, Tom M, was trying to get me to come but I had a commitment that afternoon. Glad things went well.
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    Pork Butts - upcoming event

    Reheating in the microwave should be fine, but could always dry out a little bit, unless you plan on saucing the pulled meat yourself. I'd put the butts on at the same time if you're going to pull and refrigerate them anyway. edit: Don't be nervous, they'll turn out just fine!
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    Feedback on my first BoB

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">ou can then pull the butt when it gets close to dinner time. Separate the point and flat when the flat is done and give the point a little more time to render more...
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    Finally breaking the slump

    Bark looks amazing. Did you do any mopping?
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    Pork butt price & wood type

    1.29 a pound at my local Wegmans and around 1.49 a pound at my local wholesale club in Buffalo, NY.
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    Makes me wonder if people are getting some interference from other wireless phones or routers. Heck, even microwave ovens can have an effect on these things.
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    Dinosaur BBQ Garlic Dill Pickles

    I ended up making a batch of these, halving the sugar, and cutting them into half inch chips. I couldn't wait an entire week to try so I tried some after 2 days and they were good, and crispy! My only concern was the pickling spice (I'm guessing the cloves) seemed a bit strong for my tastes...
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    Whats better for rookie ribs 3-2-1 or 3-1-2 method

    I followed Harry Soo's method for my first and 2nd racks, that seemed to work out just fine for me. Basically, cook at 275 no water in pan, check bark after 2-3 hours, then foil wrap for last hour and check every 15-20 minutes for doneness.
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    First Butt! Need advice on rest time!

    Just some notes about resting from my personal experiences... My first 2 butts I took them out of the smoker and let the heat dissipate a little bit, then foil wrapped them and kept them in a cooler for 4 hours with a probe in it making sure it stayed above 140. Because the probe was in it...
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    I ended up pulling the trigger on the 18.5" WSM last summer because Amazon had it for $50 off, so maybe you can keep an eye out for another sale. Also, I've been reading that people are lucking out and finding WSM's for less than $100 at random Home Depots. Just gotta look.
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    Dinosaur BBQ Garlic Dill Pickles

    Are these the same garlic dills you get at the restaurant? If so, I need to make this ASAP.
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    marty does it again

    As a Mario Bros. fan, that handle is amazing.
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    She Bought Short Ribs - I need a table sauce

    Wow, those look insanely good, and reminds me that I should get a rib stand for my 18.5". Any recommendations?
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    Where do you get your wood?

    You can also order wood chunks from
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    First Brisket - HH method

    Just had this as leftovers and I guess the smoke ring is a little more pronounced tonight. I still think the apple wood was too light for this cut. I think my other mistake was not letting the rub sit on the meat overnight. I only applied the rub an hour before smoking.