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    Performer Gas Mod

    Does anyone know how to modify a performer to use full sized gas bottles rather than the disposable ones ? I have searched for a thread on this but I can't find one.
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    Father's Day Comes Early

    Welcome and enjoy your WSM they are superb pieces of Weber craft.
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    Wife vs Craycort

    I have managed to sneak a Craycort cast iron grill grate for my Weber Performer past my wife, just waiting for it to stop raining to use it for the first time. BBQ 1 wife nil lol
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    Hello From Sunny Worksop !!

    Hello everyone from Worksop Nottinghamshire. I am the proud owner of newly purchased Performer Deluxe to go along with my WSM and Smokey Joe. I am really enjoying reading the posts on here there are some really usefull tips and info to be found. My next purchase is going to be Craycort grates...
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    CrayCort or Gourmet Sear Grate ?

    I am looking to upgrade my Weber Performer with a cast iron cooking grate but I can't decide on Weber Gourmet system or the CrayCort modular grate, does anyone have any advice on this ?