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    Slow Keyboard Response Times

    That's only partially true. Your browser IS a local application. The lags come when there's a JavaScript function running in the background that's trying to do something active with the backend, such as looking up user names when a '@' gets entered. A basic text entry is purely local. I have...
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    I stopped at Microcenter (electronics outlet) in the southwestern Twin Cities metro 10 days ago. There was a well behaved line of 50+ people waiting to get in, and only a couple of people every 5-10 minutes. That math ain't pretty. What I wanted to pick up was not an immediate priority...
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    Should we discontinue Coronavirus - Covid-19 discussion on the forum?

    Actually.... that is a huge question in the Internet age. There are a lot of people who do want to see websites held responsible for all content, and yet don't realize that their own Internet presence will potentially violate their own proposed rules & requirements. An even bigger issue is who...
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    The Humor Thread

    Or Jimmy Dean sausage.....
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    What's cooking this weekend?

    Smoked meatloaf (ThermoWorks/Alton Brown's recipe) & mashed potatoes. Sent some around the corner to one of my coworkers for dinner, his wife is undergoing cancer treatment right now (she just got home this afternoon from a chemo treatment last week.)
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    Purchasing a pellet pooper soon. EX6 or RT-700

    Yoders are a good deal more expensive than RecTec, but do seem to have sturdier construction. My client manager has a Yoder pellet smoker and he's very happy with it.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Well.... if your job keeps you away from close proximity to other people, why NOT do it? Yeah, I know.... it's easier if the gummint just says "everybody stay home." Transmission is via a respiratory inhalation/exhalation particles primarily, along with pickup of said particles after...
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    Lobster Tails!

    I fixed whole live lobster for my g/f on her birthday. While it turned out awfully good, a lot of work, and claws aside, we both prefer the tails. I'll pick up frozen cold water tails and grill them off instead, 80-90% of the lobster for about 5-10% of the work. Ray, those do look awfully...
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    Working from home

    TMI, Brad, TMI... :) I've finally cleared off a space on my desk for the client laptop and a wired connection to my guest network. Finally broke down and bought a 27" 4k monitor, new KVM switch (6 out of 8 ports used) and a new keyboard & mouse. Finally have to give up my 20+ Micron keyboard...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Knowing it's coming doesn't make it easier. If my employer decides to cut me loose (I do not work cheap,) I'm fairly sure that my client will scream bloody murder (I keep pulling rabbits out of the hat.) I hope this works out for you. Chris, et al, the only things that I'm fairly sure of is...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    2 good friends of mine are officially unemployed as of tonight. One was sort of expected (mid to high end IT consultant,) the other one, we were hoping not. Me..... I'm finding it hard to not tell my employer to pound sand, but this is NOT the right time to do that without having an immediate...
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    Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥

    Me likey, Bruno.
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    First brisket on the SmokeFire.🔥

    <shrug> I've been known to use a pit probe and 3 food probes in a single brisket. Bruno, what time is dinner? What kind of beer do ya like? :D
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Market forces. "Lovely little empire ya got here. Shame if something happened to it.....'
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    Now this is way cool!

    Very cool. G/f & I went to Houston last fall, and took the Level 9 Space Center tour (2 days,) *INCLUDING*..... access into the refurbed Apollo mission control room. That room just screams history.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I read a report last week that out of all employees in this state, 78% are considered to be critical/essential. That's an awfully high number.
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    Was hijacking a post by mistake.... Talking with Joan

    Wow. Money shot is right. A light green chili sauce?
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    This should be a Weber

    It's a gravity fed charcoal burner, computer & draft control should be all that's powered. HeaterMeter users have been known to repurpose small batteries like those in emergency lighting that's good for at least a couple of days. Hrrrm..... I need to order a barrel connector for mine, I've got...
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    Forum Moves To New Software Starting Wednesday 2/12/20

    I thought that's what you said..... regardless, when I was on Comcast outside of Chicago, the terms of service were pretty clear, no servers. Thus far, Comcast, Frontier, Mediacom and HBC (all of my broadband providers,) have had this clause in place Your ISP doesn't even need to do deep...
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    Forum Moves To New Software Starting Wednesday 2/12/20

    This is actually far easier than most people realize. Most home Internet connects list running any externally visible servers as a violation of terms of service. Any open listening port are a dead giveway. What may be more important is the amount of traffic that is being generated, and the...