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  1. Rich Dahl

    Flippers, How are you handling Sales With the Coronavirus

    I have two gassers and a WSM I want to sell, but I'm not sure how to handle the contact, any suggestions.
  2. Rich Dahl

    Nice 2200 for sale

    I don't know why I'm looking at Weber's on CL I've got ten already.
  3. Rich Dahl

    St. Louis ribs in the Instant Pot, Yes Really

    Well we have had nice weather but ferocious winds. So having five racks of St. Louis ribs in the freezer we decided to try a rack of those in the instant pot. Found a recipe that looked promising (as well as any recipe for ribs in a pot could). So we figured we would give it a try and let our...
  4. Rich Dahl

    EX6 for sale in Phoenix.

    Seems a little odd he bought it used and it already has the new Weber pellet ramp. Price seems fair though.
  5. Rich Dahl

    Brisket Point Smoked Chili

    I developed a chili recipe a few years a using a pre smoked brisket point. It certainly isn’t a true contest chili but it’s very tasty and easy to make. I had a point in the freezer from a brisket I smoked in July, decided it was time to use it. I trimmed as much of the fat as I could and cut it...
  6. Rich Dahl

    How do you search for previous threads

    I can find my previous posts but can't find my previous threads
  7. Rich Dahl

    First Long Cook on the Camp Chef

    Had a nine pound pork shoulder I was saving for a nice day to smoke it. Now that I have the pellet smoker I decided yesterday was a nice enough day. Been a long time especially in the winter that I’ve done an L&S cook. First of all I got started late it was 11 am when I put it on. Dialed the...
  8. Rich Dahl

    Found this in Phoenix
  9. Rich Dahl

    Found this gem

  10. Rich Dahl

    KFC on the Performer

    Been a real long time since I made kettle fried chicken with the performer and the vortex. The weather was nice at 62 so I decided to make some KFC. Did bone in thighs slathered in Dijon mustard and used fish fry with a tablespoon of Weber’s salt free steak seasoning. Sides were a baker and...
  11. Rich Dahl

    Strip Steak on the Camp Chef

    Should have done this a little earlier, where I had the grill I had zero light so it was hard to determine how well the steak was doing with a flashlight. Had to rely on the Thermo Pop for doneness. The grill hit 500 degrees in 30 degree weather with no wind which I thought was pretty decent...
  12. Rich Dahl

    Finally Got the First Cook on the Camp Chef

    After a month of owning our new Camp Chef we finally got to smoked some St. Louis ribs Seasoned over night with my rub and some #5 waiting for the sauce. Used Cooks apple pellets for the smoke. Dialed up 275 for the cooking temperature. After about 10 minutes it was ready to go. It was fairly...
  13. Rich Dahl

    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Breaks Records With $131.6 Million in Total Sales

    I'm a car guy years ago restored MGs and early mustangs I always watch the Barrett Jackson auction in January in Scottsdale AZ, even went to it a couple of times. This year was phenomenal 1900 cars with only one car having a reserve price 99% of those 1900 sold. Total sales $131.6 million, hard...
  14. Rich Dahl

    New Toy

    Did our first cook with our new Instant Pot last night. Talk about being totally impressed, did a couple of chicken thighs with an apple cider and chicken broth base. Total cook time was ten minutes on steam and 10 minutes of natural release and they were done to perfection. Great flavor, can’t...
  15. Rich Dahl

    Déjà Vu All Over Again

    I sold this green Silver B to a friend about a year ago. He came over and asked if I wanted to get it back, he just couldn’t get the hang of it. He wanted to get a little bigger charcoal grill than his Smokey Joe. Well I had a jumbo Joe I wasn’t using and when he saw it he asked about a trade. I...
  16. Rich Dahl

    One Lucky Grandson and One Great Dad

    My son and grandson live in California. My son is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and my grandson is a Chicago Bears fan. So last Thursday the Bears played Dallas at home. So my son had a surprise for my grandson, they flew to Chicago for the game. They spent a few days sightseeing the downtown area...
  17. Rich Dahl

    Can an Instant Pot Smoke a Brisket

    Here's an answer to a question that nobody asked. Can an Instant Pot Smoke a Brisket?
  18. Rich Dahl

    Never Again Total Disaster but it Tasted Great.

    We do the Jamie Purviance Brined and Barbequed Turkey with Pan Gravy in his Weber’s Charcoal Grilling book. Been doing it with excellent results since 2014. I knew the weather wasn’t going to be good, but had no idea how bad it would be. Temperature wasn’t too bad at 34 degrees, but the rain and...
  19. Rich Dahl

    Need some advice for transporting a smoked turkey.

    My foot doctor is an avid BBQ smoker and has been asked to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving. The issue is he then needs to keep it hot and transport it to Phoenix which is a 1-2 hour drive. He told me last year he wrapped it in ten foil and that didn’t work very well, he said the heat steamed the...
  20. Rich Dahl

    1991 green kettle for sale...Not mine

    Don't know enough about vintage kettles to know if it's a fair price for it.