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  1. BobJ

    Purchasing a pellet pooper soon. EX6 or RT-700

    I'm going to go Rec Tec too, but the 360, as soon as Trump sends me my check. If I was willing to wait a year for the kinks to get worked out of the Weber I'd rethink it. I do like the look of the EX4.
  2. BobJ

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I just posted similar in another forum about MA's definition of Essential. My lawn care guy showed up yesterday and fertilized, at the moment there is a tree guy chipping up a tree that's been down for months. I don't know anyone that is not working, granted some are working from home, but only...
  3. BobJ

    Will there be any Memorial Day Weekend Charcoal Sales this year?

    Around us they have roped off non essential aisles at WM and Costco, that I know of. Wonder if they consider charcoal essential.
  4. BobJ

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    40+ lbs KBB and 4 20 lb propane tanks, I'll survive if the meat supply does. The hard part so far is the meat, I can get it from the butcher but it's sight unseen. They deliver it to the car wrapped in butchers paper. Trying to stay out of all stores, being what they term a senior with immune...
  5. BobJ

    Adirondack Chairs, kiln-dried fir wood, stain and seal recommendation

    Just ran into this in a refinishing article... See the last sentance. Marine "spar varnish" is much softer than furniture or floor varnish, particularly in the sun or when it is very hot. Some spar varnish brands feel "sticky" when they are hot even after they are fully cured. This is a...
  6. BobJ

    Slow Keyboard Response Times

    No issues here. From what I've experienced over the years, most slow downs are related to the users computer. If I try and do much soon after booting up the virus scan is running, other times it doing updates. When I worked for a living, things would slow down at SOD and EOD, I always suspected...
  7. BobJ

    Mini Vortex for Smokey Joe

    The Vortex site shows the mini (Tim's link) is 6" at the narrow end, leaves 4" on either side of the Smokey's grate, enough for wings.
  8. BobJ

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Warning, highly technical terminology... N95 filters out 95% of .3 micron particles, they also make N99, and N100's, not that you can get any of them these days. I use 100's as an asthmatic that has the wrong hobby, woodworking. I gave the few I had to my daughter last week for use in the ICU.
  9. BobJ

    Pork Butt on the Performer

    KEv, how long did the snake last? I've yet to try one.
  10. BobJ

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Even if I wanted to wear a mask there's none to be had.
  11. BobJ

    Black Spots

    Thanks all, seems that although unsightly, it's harmless. I normally resize photos to shrink the file size. Guess there are times I shouldn't.
  12. BobJ

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    That's the 2nd forum I read where this article comes up. Here's the link to the actual editorial by Dr Fauci.
  13. BobJ

    Black Spots

    I'll find out when I thaw it, as it didn't smell I figured it was okay and froze it for later use. I may even see if I can cut them off.
  14. BobJ

    Adirondack Chairs, kiln-dried fir wood, stain and seal recommendation

    Tung Oil is a penetrating oil, I use it on paddles so the handle stays with a natural feel. I do reapply yearly.
  15. BobJ

    Black Spots

    Picked up the attached butt today from a local butcher which is doing curb side service so you don't see what you get till you get home. As you can see, there are blackish spots on butt which I've not seen before, anyone else seen such? Smells fine, was not cyro packed, just wrapped in butchers...
  16. BobJ

    14" wsm

    No wonder they are getting rid of it.
  17. BobJ

    Adirondack Chairs, kiln-dried fir wood, stain and seal recommendation

    I use Spar Varnish on the canoes I build, not cheap, but this is the good stuff. They make a Rapidcoat that does not require sanding between coats, might be nice on something like a chair that'd be a hassle to sand. I have no...
  18. BobJ

    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    Seems no matter how often I clean where the top meets the middle sections it's gummed up before a single cook is done. Put a screw driver with the smoker, my go to stuck lid breaker.
  19. BobJ

    Visit to Buc-cee's Travel Center in Fort Worth TX

    Wow, that beats Wall Drug.
  20. BobJ

    First significant software update for SmokeFire on the way.

    What's the issue they mention that this will solve?