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  1. Bruno

    Burnt ends. Wow!!

    As if this weekend couldn’t get any better.
  2. Bruno

    Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥

  3. Bruno

    First brisket on the SmokeFire.🔥

    Putting it on around 8. Rubbed with some Worcestershire, salt, pepper a little garlic powder and cayenne. Going 225 until bark sets and wrapping in butcher paper. Pictures to follow.....
  4. Bruno

    Lunch and dinner.

  5. Bruno

    Casters price dropped on Amazon

    If you want those casters Dave linked for us they are lower priced now. I paid $48 and they are $39.99 for 4. I love them.
  6. Bruno

    New table for my EX6!!

    Thanks Mr. Conner this is a work of art. Flawless finish, powder coat feels very similar to the barrel side and looks awesome. Took 10 seconds to get it installed. Great day for the SmokeFire🔥 new app and firmware update and a bad *** front table. Wish it was dinner time!!
  7. Bruno

    First significant software update for SmokeFire on the way.

    Can’t wait until they send this out, steps in the right direction.
  8. Bruno

    WSM for sale

    22”WSM $200 Extra door, thermometer and new water pan. Pick up only.
  9. Bruno

    Selling my WSM 22

    I think I’m going to sell my WSM 22 and a kettle to justify the purchase of a performer to go with the rest of my grills. I have a 2016 with an soare new door and spare thermometer. what do you think is a fair price for the WSM?
  10. Bruno

    Conner slide versus the Weber slide

    The Weber slide is a nicely bent stainless slide. To install you have to undo 2 screws and it can be permanently in place. The Conner slide is heavy duty 14 gauge steel, it has a cool stop welded on the shelf and it can be installed and removed with no screws. To reduce shipping costs I had to...
  11. Bruno

    I want to smoke some pastrami, need help.

    So i hope Chris doesn’t mind, i’m kinda stuck in the SF section. I want to smoke a pastrami on the SF, any suggestions, recipes would be awesome. Also where would I post this question otherwise?
  12. Bruno

    Weber shipping a hopper fix in March?

    I’m sure they are using Zoe Conner’s idea.
  13. Bruno

    Is Memorial Day the next KBB sale?

    Burned through a ton this year and need to stock up. Any sales on anything decent let me know. Thanks.
  14. Bruno

    Keeping my SmokeFire!

    I have decided to keep my SmokeFire after the great job it did this weekend. thanks for all the feedback and help.
  15. Bruno

    Wagyu beef rib on the SmokeFire.

    Bought a 2 pound Wgyu beef rib to test out my SMokeFire, I think it did pretty good.
  16. Bruno

    2 cooks this weekend to decide keep it or return it.

    So I deccided to try and put the Smokefire through a typical weekend this summer. To keep it the Smokefire must pull through with out a big fail. I don’t hate using a drip pan and don’t mind pushing the pellets around on occasion, but the controller and smoker must perform with no issues. Going...
  17. Bruno

    Started the return process on Amazon, then changed my mind

    Update: I’m going to keep it until I have to return it On 3-18-20. Maybe they come Up with a plan. I just don’t want to make a $1300 mistake and I’ve decided to return my EX6. This will probably leave me stuck with a cover and 80 pounds of pellets. Things are getting ugly for the SmokeFire. 😕
  18. Bruno

    Seemed like a good idea.

    So before I received my Smokefire and all these videos popped up about the issues they have, I was really looking forward to mine arriving, so I ordered up some Lou Malnati’s pizzas to be sent out here to California. Figured it would be a tribute to Chicago and Weber’s SmokeFire launch. Good...
  19. Bruno

    EX6 is put together, lets start testing.

    Took me an hour and 3 beers to put it together by myself, flipping it back on it’s legs was the hardest part. My initial thoughts.. It’s a beast, the box was huge and the EX6 is a monster. Well built and easy to put together, some of the things I watched guys struggle with seemed like no...
  20. Bruno

    EX6 is due to arrive in a few hours, what to do?

    Just curious what you guys would do at this point. Please vote in the poll.