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  1. KE Quist

    Pork Butt on the Performer

    Scored a nice sized pork butt at Lucky when we were picking up some basics. Cooked it up on the Performer using the snake method. I gathered the coals up towards the end, and the pork butt finished just as the coals were dying out. Perfect timing.
  2. KE Quist

    Kettle Fried Chicken for Dinner

    Made some kettle fried chicken on the Performer tonight for dinner. Side salad of spinach, mushrooms, snap peas, mozzerla, cheddar, and some left over roast beef. Used LFC - Chicken Fry. Cooked at about 375-400ishF for an hour, finished temp about 200F. Shatteringly crisp, and my dear wife...
  3. KE Quist

    What is this?

    Does anyone know what this is? It has a slight 'Weber-ish' look to the lid and such, but I don't know. I'm certainly no expert. In the interest of full disclosure, I posted this originally in the For Sale forum, where it was suggested...
  4. KE Quist

    Not Sure What This Is - Local FB For Sale Does anyone know what in the world this grill is? I'm guessing it's not a Weber, but I'm certainly no Weber product expert by any means. I don't know if I would actually but it, but maybe?? EDIT: I'm not sure what the relevance of...
  5. KE Quist

    Hello from Utah

    Good morning everyone! My name is Karl, and I'm from just West of Salt Lake City, UT. Like many, I have lurked around this board for a while, and decided it's time to make it official. I currently own a Weber Performer Gold (2014), bought new, and I love it to death. I have grilled, smoked...