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  1. Dave Mazz

    Wisconsin > Mercer: Lazy Ace Saloon

    The Lazy Ace Saloon 1704W Manitowish Road Mercer, WI 54547 Up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, along Hwy 51, just South of the little town of Mercer, is a place called The Lazy Ace Saloon. Their brisket is to die for. Pulled pork is awesome. Ribs? Well, thus far, have...
  2. Dave Mazz

    SS Performer Restoration

    So yesterday while running some charcoal in my new Performer, I sat down and looked at my 2003 SS Performer sitting on the patio, all alone, and I began to contemplate doing a restore. Called Weber, and 30 minutes later, I was talking to a rep. I was originally going to clean it up a bit, and...
  3. Dave Mazz

    First Cook on New Performer

    Grilled some Iowa Corn Fed NY Strips and Asparagus. Oh was it good.
  4. Dave Mazz

    What Is This?

    Just assembled my new Weber Performer Deluxe. See the photo. This wire loop is attached to a chain with the other end of the chain attached to the front panel. Did not see any mention in the manual. Anyone know what this is?
  5. Dave Mazz

    Not Available in US

    Seems odd to me, that some Weber accessories are available in Europe and Asia, by not in the US. For example, the SS Gourmet Grate, the GBS Waffle Maker, GBS Grate Lifter, to name a few. There are probably others. Just saying.
  6. Dave Mazz

    SS Performer

    I have an SS Performer that I purchased new around 2003. Recently purchased a new Performer Deluxe. Once the weather breaks, I plan to clean up the old Performer, install a new ignighter and new grates. Not quite sure what to do with the old grill once it's all cleaned up. Sell it? Donate it...
  7. Dave Mazz

    Grate Lifter?

    Anyone recommend a grate lifter for the Weber sear grate that's part of the GBS setup?
  8. Dave Mazz

    Weber 8843 SS GBS Grate

    Seems the SS GBS grate by Weber (8843) is not available in the US. Has anyone in the US been able to acquire one? If so, how did you do so? I tried and Neither will ship the item to the US. Found a German-made knockoff on, but they won't ship to the US either...
  9. Dave Mazz

    Hi from Iowa

    Just a friendly hello from eastern Iowa, near the Mighty Mississippi. Been using a Weber kettle in one version or another since the 70s. Just ordered a Performer Deluxe in Crimson. Going to cleanup my SS Performer and donate to a worthy cause. I'm not an expert by any means, but enjoy grilling...