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    Tomahawk Steak Reverse Seared

    Perfectly done
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    BBQ for others

    Been trying to do the same. Have a favorite dessert bar that people crave. However my pulled pork is on the want list by many. Now if only I could get supplies. Then the logistics here is difficult. Travel and making sure everyone gets it safe is hard. Still trying. Baked two loaves this...
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    First brisket on the SmokeFire.🔥

    Calling it the SmokeRing from now on.
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    Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥

    Intense smoke ring. How did it taste. Looks great. Smokefire no. Smokering!
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    Blindfolded Brisket Trimming

    Better than me
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    Combined 22 wsm and 26 kettle

    Nice! Lots of space.
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    Combined 22 wsm and 26 kettle

    Love it. How much of the bottom is altered.
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    Webber heavy duty 22 inch kettle grill. Great condition, no rust, stored inside. Well kept.

    Charming-small, near transportatoon, parks, water-trailer park. Up and coming-gamble.
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    Vortex Wings Never Fail

    Made me think about getting some wings too. Dumb question: how long to cook, fat side of legs out? If cooking legs, how much lit to unlit or all lit, wide side down right
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    One Touch Platinum circa 2002

    Love the drink cart with the speed rack Adore the double oven table
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    This should be a Weber

    Be nice to have you closer but I feel obligated to tell you that it snowed here yesterday...
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Sure does save money and diets. Smart. Right idea. I propose itt several times a year but out-voted. One to one. Wish I had the control to do the same. We do stock up when cans are on sale.
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    Amazing Ribs EX4/EX6 Review

    You are wise. I wonder how I would have taken their review had it been my only source. After all the other st8uff I thought it was fair. Course they gloss over a few bits but at least mention them. They were walking a tightrope or so it seemed. And they were seemingly the past month going to...
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    WSM for sale

    Shipping to chicago...would add how much. Wish I lived closer.
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    This should be a Weber

    Pic pic. Sounds like a great bbq machine. 10 packers at a time. wow. Also important to understand that in gravity feeds the chamber is closed except at the bottom, air wise. Otherwise the upper charcoal or wood would catch fire. Interesting how they manage to design them to perfectly feed and...
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    My girlfriend volunteered me... OMG, what have I gotten into?

    no surprise. I was going to mention it but thought why ruin...
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    This should be a Weber

    Of course superdave owns one. Its just out back behind the 747... Cool!
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    EX4 Firepot Flame

    After Dave sells us all one of his designs, along with Jon Tofte..... Yeah I am thinking a redesign of the whole structure. Leave the burning and fan away from the main area, and solve the issue at the same time. So no flame, embers, or grease issue. Still great flavor from the open design...
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    This should be a Weber

    It is quite interesting how these gravity feed systems get on. Seen the wood burning ones. That is where having the hopper widen at the bottom is so important to prevent the bridging problem. I agree that this would be a nice addition. Still hoping that Weber really solidifies the pellet...