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  1. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I consider myself blessed to have found and to be a part of this forum. I'm certainly imperfect but this forum maintains a very high level of integrity and respect. Encouraging the use of real names is certainly a contributing factor; anonymity can be a destructive force. The excellent...
  2. BFletcher

    Instant Pot Chicken and Dumplings

    Thanks for sharing! I'll add this recipe and Coco to my list.
  3. BFletcher

    Corned Beef

    What a beautiful meal. And you are the Breadman.
  4. BFletcher

    Silicone probe access

    When I use my Fireboard probe I do it exactly as you are using your probe today. There was a time when I clipped my probes to the grate but I no longer do that. I use my best judgement to compensate for a possible temp variance and walk away :)
  5. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I had to review my posts in this thread because I'd be mortified if I mistakenly hinted that I'm more concerned for our economy than a humanitarian crisis. So let me clarify one of my posts: when I wrote this [pasted below] I was responding to a suggestion that the media was selling a "product"...
  6. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    That was a pretty way to illustrate our experience but can any of you move just your neck like she did at the 1:50 mark?
  7. BFletcher

    First brisket on the SmokeFire.🔥

    That looks quite Bruno Marvelous to me. Nice job to you and SF!
  8. BFletcher

    Removing the gland from Pork Butt

    Suddenly pondering how many I've eaten in my 4 years of this hobby. Writing a not-so-nice letter to Al Gore for his role in resurrecting this thread from 2006. In the meantime, I'll follow the "why stop now" approach.
  9. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Now I'm wondering how many egg cartons are opened for inspection and not bought :(
  10. BFletcher

    Greetings from 60193 - newbie to the forum

    Welcome, Thomas! I could share my thoughts on hanging ribs in my PBC but I don't have experience, yet, with hanging from a WSM. Fellow member MartinB made his own device for his 18". Here are a couple threads where he has shared some of his experiences...
  11. BFletcher

    Thought this might be the place

    lol. Speaking of Wizard... it took me quite a while to realize that clicking on the "new posts" link displays the most recent activity of new and old threads. You could say I'm as sharp as a marble. Fletch
  12. BFletcher

    Lobster Tails!

    That right there is a perfect meal.
  13. BFletcher

    How much can you get for a black sidewinder?

    It would seem to me that today's economic and humanitarian uncertainty will have an impact on the market value. Actually, for some, it's no longer a matter of uncertainty; they are unemployed.
  14. BFletcher

    Thought this might be the place

    You could have asked this question on a 5 year old post and all of us whom have replied thus far to your new thread would have still responded. If you find a dated thread of value, then you can bet others would be interested, too, so bringing it back to life would be worthwhile :)
  15. BFletcher

    Pork Steak for Two

    Seeing your steaks is bad timing for me... I've been in the mood for some and now you've got me craving one! Last night we lost power for 3 hours. No real biggie; I planned to do the chicken breasts and dinner rolls on the Q 3200 and the Steamfresh frozen veggies in the microwave, so all I had...
  16. BFletcher

    Fruita Wood... worth it?

    Here's an excerpt from my first Fruita experience in February 2018. I've used Fruita exclusively since then. If I were in your shoes I'd definitely try it!
  17. BFletcher

    Pastrami: A Meat Odyssey

    That was a pleasant read and I loved the photo shots. Thanks for sharing! ... that looks like a nice espresso machine, too.
  18. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Interesting. Wiki is the only source where I've read of the November 17 date; so far in my brief search, all other sources are reporting late December from Wuhan. But I recognize that's trivial now and our biggest hope is a significant downward trend very soon. Unfortunately, it may happen later.
  19. BFletcher

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Y'all clean your ducts? I've read some of the corona detail in Wiki and was surprised to read the first known case was documented on November 17; I thought it was discovered during the last few days of December. And to the point of this being new and evolving best practices: we live and learn...
  20. BFletcher

    Salmon Fettuccine

    Good points, Joan! Happy cooking :)