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  1. Dustin Dorsey

    First Pastrami attempt

    I decided to try making some pastrami for the first time ever. I started with a hunk of flat. My worksheet for the cure. I wound up curing it for 14 days. I rinsed it and soaked it twice for 30 minutes each. I fired up the WSM with Royal Oak charcoal and some pecan chunks from...
  2. Dustin Dorsey

    6 Year WSM Brisket-versary

    This is the six year anniversary of my first brisket cook on the WSM! Evidently I was into foil? Maybe I just held it in the cooler that way. Out of the foil Sliced. Taking pictures in focus wasn't my strong suit. Better sliced shot. I want to say I've gotten better since then but that...
  3. Dustin Dorsey

    Making more bacon

    I made some bacon this past weekend. This was the cured slab. I used 2% salt, 1.5% sugar and .25%cure#1 I just hit it with some coarse black pepper. My snake setup. I used KBB and applewood chunks. I ran at 150 part of the cook and then bumped it to 180. Bacon on the WSM After the...
  4. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas > Dallas: Terry Black's Barbecue

    I got to go to Terry Black's Barbecue this past weekend in their new location in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. The Black family is famous for Black's Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas. Two brothers opened new BBQ joints in Austin and now in Dallas. They are using modern cooking methods ( i.e...
  5. Dustin Dorsey

    Something completely different.

    So today was my wife's birthday. This weekend my son and I baked her a cake from scratch. This was both of our first times doing this. We made a vanilla cake with butter cream/cream cheese frosting. My son mixing up the dry ingredients. Cakes cooling. We did our best. My son won't stop...
  6. Dustin Dorsey

    Turkey Breast Roulade

    I got this recipe from an AllThingsBBQ youtube page and then bastardized it a bit to make it my own I made a mushroom duxelles. After rewatching the video I reduced mine WAY too much but it tasted great. I took the breasts off a bone in turkey breast and after bringing butterflied them a...
  7. Dustin Dorsey

    Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

    I cooked some gumbo this past weekend because the weather is finally getting cold. I didn't manage to make my own andouille yet this year, but I picked up some Zummo's which is from Beaumont, Tx where I was born. Gotta get that roux just right. I do 1 cup vegetable oil and 1 cup flour...
  8. Dustin Dorsey

    Another Ribs and Sausage Cook

    I cooked a rack of St. Louis cut spares and some sausage this past weekend. I pulled the membrane and trimmed them up some. I used mustard as a slather and then a light coat of Kosmos SPG and some Swine Grind Seasoned. My wife found this sausage at our supermarket. It's out Groom, TX, a...
  9. Dustin Dorsey

    New weber ranch kettle on facebook marketplace.

    Found this on facebook marketplace in my area near Wichita Falls, Tx. Looks like $995 never used brand new in box
  10. Dustin Dorsey

    Ribs, Sausage and Potato Salas

    I decided to cook up some ribs for the Aggie game this weekend. The ribs were good. The team, not so much. I trimmed these up St. Louis style. I save the rest of the meat for sausage. Top side of the ribs. Seasoned up. Fired up the WSM with Royal Oak Premium and Fruitawood pecan...
  11. Dustin Dorsey

    Birthday Brisket and Sausage

    We celebrated my birthday this weekend. We had a barbecue, but scaled back from years past. This was a choice brisket I got on sale for about 20 bucks(From the 4th). I used mustard as a slather and salt and pepper. Before the wrap. I cooked this with Weber charcoal and Post oak chunks...
  12. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas Hot Guts Revisited.

    Texas Hot Guts I decided to revisit my sausage recipe. I called it Texas Beef Sausage in an earlier post but since I also put pork in it, I figure that's false advertising. I general put my sausage recipes in percentages and use metric measurements. This allows me to easily scale a recipe up...
  13. Dustin Dorsey

    Genesis 1000 uneven heating

    This grill has done this ever since I've restored it and had it, but I've noticed that it gets progressively cooler the further left I go along the cooking grate. The flames seem pretty even. I've cleaned the burners and they did this brand new. I've got all the RC planebuyer stuff in it. Am...
  14. Dustin Dorsey

    Ribs and a Fattie

    I decided to cook a rack of spares and fatty on the Slow N Sear this past weekend for the Game of Thrones finale. Ribs slathered with mustard and seasoned with Meat Church Deez Nuts that I had left over and Big T Swine Grind. Got the kettle fired up. I cooked the ribs at 225 for about 6 1/2...
  15. Dustin Dorsey

    Texas > Wichita Falls: Zeke's BBQ Food Truck

    The so-called Texoma area is not known for great barbecue. The typically joint smokes their barbecue with mesquite. They typically cook their briskets without trimming and then ceremoniously scrape all the fat and seasoning off with the back of their knife as you recoil in horror. Thank...
  16. Dustin Dorsey

    Early Easter Brisket

    We decided to have our Easter festivities early this year and I cooked a brisket. A nice 13.2 prime brisket I trimmed way more aggressively than I normally do. Seasoned with some Kosmos Q SPG and Meat Church Holy Cow Cooked overnight in the WSM. Here's me representing with my Virtual...
  17. Dustin Dorsey

    NY Strips with Baked Potato and Stuffed Portobellos

    I picked up these NY strips from my butcher. Seasoned with kosher salt and Deep Tissue Massage rub. After the indirect portion of the cook. I cooked these at 225 indirect to an internal of 115 before the sear. Got the charcoal ready. This is some Weber charcoal I picked up from the sale...
  18. Dustin Dorsey

    Weber Genesis Silver Ft. Sill Oklahoma Nice one with a side burner. I'd go get it but wife is a hard no.
  19. Dustin Dorsey

    Fajitas with homemade tortillas.

    I decided this weekend to render some of the brisket fat trimmings I had saved for tallow. Rendered goodness. After it solidified. Tortilla dough. Pressed tortilla. This worked out great. Next time I'll roll them out a bit more. Seasoned skirt steak. Kosher salt and some Holy Cow...
  20. Dustin Dorsey

    Sad Find

    We were some taking some stuff to the recycling center from work and I stumbled upon this. That's a Genesis 1000 I think although that frame might be a Spirit 900. I look for these every day in Craiglist and Facebook Market Place and this was just scrapped. The frame looked a little...