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  1. Dustin Dorsey

    Making the switch from electric to WSM.

    The 22.5 is a fuel hog. The advantage is that you can lay racks of ribs flat and easily fit a packer without having to use any tricks. The length of cook time is probably similar.
  2. Dustin Dorsey

    Removing the gland from Pork Butt

    I had no idea about it. I've been cooking them for 5 or 6 years and never really been that particular about trimming butts. Good to know!
  3. Dustin Dorsey

    Please edumacate me about the Hunsaker

    I bet it would work and I would imagine it might give you more efficiency and even heating once the thing gets heated up. That said, it's not something high on my list to buy. I'm really happy with how my WSM cooks. We have a member who built a clone of it, but I never got a full sense of how...
  4. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I wonder if handshakes will survive this? Our stores are settling down a little. The health department is coming in and making sure the workers are correcting customers that aren't abiding by guidelines. People in our town our having trouble with it a little. Our governor just issued a stay...
  5. Dustin Dorsey

    Fruita Wood... worth it?

    I've used and it works great. I was super skeptical but I'm a believer now.
  6. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Our town is supposed to go shelter-n-place tomorrow night at midnight. I'm not sure as a copier technician if we are considered essential or not. It's kind of a grey area and basically up to my boss to decide. My wife as a nurse is definitely essential. I look back with fondness to 2 weeks...
  7. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Our county just had its 6, 7 and 8th case confirmed yesterday. One of the people was on a flight from New York and went to just about every store in town presumably looking for toilet paper, supplies, etc. Right now our county is not under shelter in place. Texas is a very big state but...
  8. Dustin Dorsey

    First Pastrami attempt

    I decided to try making some pastrami for the first time ever. I started with a hunk of flat. My worksheet for the cure. I wound up curing it for 14 days. I rinsed it and soaked it twice for 30 minutes each. I fired up the WSM with Royal Oak charcoal and some pecan chunks from...
  9. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    There were still various roasts left at our grocery store. I grabbed a chuck roast (and felt a little guilty that I probably didn't need it). Easy enough to turn into hamburger. There were lot's of arm roasts and stuff like that left. I was torn between turning my pastrami into lunch meat or...
  10. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    It's going to be important to keep mental health in check. Anxiety can weaken the immune system. I'm still working but it's very slow. My tendency is to want to keep reading more about coronavirus and freaking myself out. I'm trying to avoid that if I can. I've got a brisket flat that I...
  11. Dustin Dorsey

    Offset Smoker Recommendations

    I can smell the difference in the smoke. I don't know if I can taste it. I think side by side it might be harder to tell.
  12. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I had a service call a nearby rural hospital. I walked in the main entrance and you would have thought nothing was going on at all. No signs, no nothing. No one screened me when I walked in. It was pretty bizarre. There was an old guy in the lobby on oxygen who I would imagine would be...
  13. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    This is such a fantastic time to be a hypochondriac, isn't it? I can convince myself I have just about any symptom.
  14. Dustin Dorsey

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    The biggest thing starting to freak me out is the run on the stores. If that settles down I'll be fine. We've been just shopping as we normally would.
  15. Dustin Dorsey

    Offset Smoker Recommendations

    I'd go with an Old Country Pecos. It's probably the best bang for your buck in offsets.
  16. Dustin Dorsey

    Wood Handle Upgrade

    I don't think so. I think they were for different weber models. I'm kind of wary of overtighting a wood screw so it might be on me.
  17. Dustin Dorsey


    I've got some pastrami curing but we probably won't actually eat that til saturday. Tonight unfortunately won't be anything awesome.
  18. Dustin Dorsey

    Wood Handle Upgrade

    I've got a set I bought on ebay made of bubinga wood. They are holding up fine. The only drawback with the 1 screw variety is that the top of the handle can twist.
  19. Dustin Dorsey

    Project Pastrami (lots of pics)

    Looks great! I've got some curing right now. I hope it turns out as good as your's.