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    EX6 for ssle

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    Pellet grills

    So now we have area for pellet discussions so let's now see some pellet cooking.... time spread the knowledge. I think as these are new to this site that any pellet grill good to post as it gives people knowledge on which unit is a good deal for the price and festures.
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    KBB twin packs sale

    KBB twin packs sale at Meijer in Cold Spring KY for 12.88 :flagkettle:
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    Have any of you seen this new grill

    I read the one and only review on the BBQ Guys and it was not great, i also saw a assembly video on U Tube has some interesting options and ideas 10 year warranty, I guess time will tell...
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    I have a 18.5 WSM and my cover is getting to look shabby, so i go onto Amazon to look at a new cover and no Weber covers for the 18.5, i was hopping to find one of the newer style nylon like covers like i have for my Genny. Any one seen any for sale?
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    Go anywhere gas question.

    I have been reading a lot negative reports on the newee style GAA grills about clean up being difficult and not getting very hot. So can you replace the new style grate system with a old style grate and flavorizer? By looking at the specs on the two it looks to be do able. Maybe George would...
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    Wal Mart close outs

    Ok I was on another site and this link caught my eye i have never seen it before so I opened it up and added my Zip Code to it and bingo, there popped up a NIB Gas Go Anywhere for 15.00 tit showed having 13 in stock so i wandered over tothe store and there it was, so i picked it up . I have...
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    Gas go anydhere.

    I just picked up a NIB GGA for 15.00 at Wal Mart near me I saw this being stated on another site so I checked and up 13 in stock I went and grabed one .
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    Well i had a few errands to run today so on my out the driveway i stop to check the mail and to my surprise there is a box from TVWBB , so i open it up and there is a very nice ball cap inside along with a patch and some TVWBB pins, i mean i never win anything so this was a very nice surprise...
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    22.5 Gold clearance

    I was at Wall Mart yesterday and saw the had a stack of Weber 22.5 Golds on clearance for 75.00 in the box.
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    Performer for cheap Cincinnati I have sent this guy a email right after it was posted no reply as of yet as this is only a few miles from me.
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    Red Snapper

    I posted this in the grilling section i guess I should have gone here first. My has a birthday coming up and I would love to grill a good peice of fish like Snapper for her as she loves sea food and grilled food. Any good recipes out there? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Red Snapper

    Looking for a good BBQ recipe for Red Snapper and rice dinner. I had a good dinner of Snapper rice and Pecans when visiting Houston area once. Thanks for any help. Kevin
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    injection recipe

    I was looking for a good all purpose injection recipe to add that next layer of flavorito my next smoked turkey . So I came here fist. Kevin.
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    Turkey capacity of a 18.5 WSM ?

    I have a 18.5 WSM and the wife picked up a 20lb turkey on sale,will fit or should exchage for a smaller bird ? Kevin
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    S310 upgrade with a side burner.

    I have a older S310 2007 model that I really like. I was thinking of getting side burner for it now where would be good place or link to find one ? I have looked at most of the web sites and have contated Weber, no luck on the web sites and no reply from Weber as of yet. I have looked on Ebay...
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    Remote meat thermometer

    I am looking for a cost effective remote thermometer, so I can let the meat cook and not open the lid so often. I cannot justify a expensive one yet as I am still learning the slow,smoke,cook method. Any advice, or experiences would be greatly received. Thank you.
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    Remote Meat thermometer

    I am in need of a affordable remote thermometer, I would like good one that reads actual meat temp, I do not need the fancist one as I do not use everyday. Maybe after I get better at slow cooking I can justify a better unit. Thanks for your experience and opinions.
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    SJS.s difference's

    Does anyone have all of the basic 3 different SJ's and can put them side by side so I can see what is the real differences. And also are they all the same size except for the Jumbo? I think I have only seen 2 the one with the dish on the bottom & the one with the bail to go over the handle,to...
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    Performer propane tank refill

    Hello; New member here and I just bought a older Performer one touch model (1999) anyway it has a quick disconnect I did not look at it real close but a question popped into my head was how do you fill one of these 5 LB. bolltes. Do you need a adapter or will this connector come off before...