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  1. Jim Lampe

    Smoked Kielbasa

    about a 3lb ring of kielbasa over hickory wood and Weber briquettes. placed on the 14" WSM... trying to stay below 235ºF. after one hour, i flipped the ring over... after another hour, the sausage reached the desired internal temperature of 165ºF rested for 15 minutes or so, I sliced...
  2. Jim Lampe

    Silicone probe access

    How do you use it? I’m smoking a ring of kielbasa with no room to clip the probe to the cooking grate. Other times, I’d just drop it inside the lid vent. Today, I decided to push it in the silicone side opening. Just let it sit there.
  3. Jim Lampe

    Pallbearer Spares

    TVWBB Super Fan Mike Form Little Rock sent me a week's supply of a homemade rub tabbed The Pallbearer. Yesterday, I put it to use. On a rack of spares. fired up the 26" Weber kettle with Weber briquette's and apple wood. After 5 hours at an average of 270ºF, I removed the rack from the...
  4. Jim Lampe


    recently returned from Arizona and kickin' my ownass for not bringing some home, but now i'm looking for some fresh (not in the bag sitting on the shelve for the last 5 years) mesquite... don't care if it's chunks, splits, logs but not the entire tree. Anyone know where to find this? I tried...
  5. Jim Lampe


    I’m selling mine. $600 let me know if you want it. Free delivery within 50 miles of The Village of Raymond Wisconsin
  6. Jim Lampe

    Spring Training Opening Day ⚾️

    Fired up for baseball, got the team flag flying... fired up the grill with Held’s Bratwurst.... Whipped up a tray of ballpark loaded nachos... grabbed a cold Brew and a spot to chow down... but the game was cancelled by weather. gotta wait another day to Play Ball! ⚾
  7. Jim Lampe

    BratWurst: In Wisconsin

  8. Jim Lampe

    Who Likes CHUCK-EYES?

    I do. They’re quite easy to make... Simple salt & pepper... perhaps some granulated garlic and onion powder. Flip them, flop them, do that a couple of times until they’re done to your liking. but don’t overdo it. 🥴 Perhaps you like them too. Here, take a closer look. Sure... go...
  9. Jim Lampe

    Weber kettles are...

  10. Jim Lampe

    Pork Steaks

    About a pound anda half each... Using apple wood to add smoke.... Smoked for 2 1/2 hours at 280 - 300 degrees Unfortunately, those are the only photos I took :confused:
  11. Jim Lampe

    Irish Butter HdP Spares

    one rack of Farmland pork spare ribs with Kerrygold Irish Butter smeared all over it... Then seasoned with salt & pepper then Herbes de Provence. (first photo after 1 hour at 265ºF. Melted Irish butter was brushed (mopped) on every hour afterward) more melted butter drizzled on the ribs...
  12. Jim Lampe

    ´ö` more BACON <('@')>

  13. Jim Lampe

    "The Granddaddy of Them All"

    what a beautiful sight! Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks.... and Good Luck! On, Wisconsin!
  14. Jim Lampe

    halfa racka pork

    Costco! sells racks of pork at 5 bucks and some change. I bought a fat pack, but with just the girl and me, I figured i'd cut it in half. so I did. vac sealed the other half for another time. seasoned the 4 boner with some political penzey spices & a healthy dose of minced gaaarlic, then...
  15. Jim Lampe

    MLB NL voting is BS. I rest my case.
  16. Jim Lampe

    <('@')> Bacon ´ö`

    cured 12 lbs of belly about two weeks ago... rinsed it all last thursday and let it airdry in the fridge until this morning.... heavily seasoned one slab with Penzey's California Pepper. here are some photos used both apple and hickory wood for heavy smoke. smoked at an average temp...
  17. Jim Lampe

    Fatso 2019

    haven't made a fattie in a while, so i did. 1 pound Italian sausage, 1 pound ground sirloin store bought bacon sautéed green onions and minced garlic pasted on meat sharp cheddar cheese ala Wisconsin topped with fried store bought bacon seasoned the bacon weave
  18. Jim Lampe

    never seen this warning before...

    attempting to open an old post I made in 2013, I received this warning: The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule. If you believe the security rule is affecting the normal operation of your website, contact your host support team and provide detailed...
  19. Jim Lampe

    Tomahawks ala Pig

    saw these then bought them from a semi-local grocer with an excellent meat department... both 12" long, 1½ lbs and 1 lb... seasoned them with Penzey's Tsardust Memories Russian Style Seasoning. fired up the Weber Summit grill with Kingsford with apple wood atop the red coals here's a...
  20. Jim Lampe

    i hate meeces to pieces

    walked down to the shed this afternoon.... ...opened the doors to see this cover on my black and red vintage Weber kettles... ...those covers were covering these kettles. the shed is about 12' x 16' and filled with mice and rat poison... I really hate mice.