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  1. Rich Dahl

    Corned Beef

    That looks great Cliff. Barb and I have made that Weber recipe a couple of times and it's really good. Glad to hear you guys are okay. I'm in self imposed house arrest, going on day 17 now. Getting really bored, you can only play ball with the dogs for so long.
  2. Rich Dahl

    Smoked Kielbasa

    Looks great Jim, plated picture is perfection. Lousy weather and my allergies have kept me inside, haven't grilled in well over a month, really starting to miss it.
  3. Rich Dahl

    Flippers, How are you handling Sales With the Coronavirus

    Thanks Bruce, that sounds like a safe way to handle it. I still have to get them cleaned up so I may wait to the end of the month to list them. Hopefully it may have calmed down a little by then. Can't work in the garage anyway went out there this morning to do a few things to my beater 4runner...
  4. Rich Dahl

    I think I might have a problem!

    I quite flipping grills about two years ago and it was tuff to do but all I could find were grills down in Phoenix and that's a 200+ round trip and in the summer it's well over 100*, had to say enough. But to this and every day I get on CL to see what's out there but up here nothing not one old...
  5. Rich Dahl

    Flippers, How are you handling Sales With the Coronavirus

    I have two gassers and a WSM I want to sell, but I'm not sure how to handle the contact, any suggestions.
  6. Rich Dahl

    Will there be any Memorial Day Weekend Charcoal Sales this year?

    Due to the summer fire restrictions the last three years my stash has held up well. I haven't bought any charcoal in the last three years and I still have 11 18LB. bags of KBB, 1 bag of Kingsford pro, 2 bags of royal oak and 2 1/2 30LB. bags of western lump. Should be good for a few more years.
  7. Rich Dahl

    What's cooking this weekend?

    You got that right this is AZ where carrying heat is a no permit required option and with what's going on almost everyone is doing so. I haven't been out of the house now in 15 days and have no intention of doing so.
  8. Rich Dahl

    Making the switch from electric to WSM.

    Agree with Lynn and Lew I have an 18.5 and it's plenty big enough to do almost anything we do. I've done a couple of 12 hour cooks without any issues. I agree with Lynn I now cook at a higher temp than 225 around 275 gets the job done in a lot less time and I really can't tell any difference in...
  9. Rich Dahl

    What's cooking this weekend?

    Won't be doing anything outside and probably nothing special inside. With my allergies just opening the door sets me off so grilling anything is off the list. We won't know what Barb will be working until today when she goes in at 6am and gets next weeks schedule. I'm getting more worried about...
  10. Rich Dahl

    Canadian Bacon

    Rich, I do make CB and bacon all the time it's just my allergy situation and the crappy weather we've had that has kept me from making anything outdoors. I haven't cooked anything outside in well over a month. The last two days have been wonderful low 70s clear skies but with 25-40mph winds, our...
  11. Rich Dahl

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Barbs safeway store is slowly returning to more of a normal atmosphere. Meat dept. is normal as is the bakery and produce. Still very little in the paper products and not much in frozen foods, canned goods is improving daily. What's really eerie is the streets are deserted they look like the...
  12. Rich Dahl

    Canadian Bacon

    Great looking CB Rich. Seeing we are in lock down here and I have a half of pork loin in the freezer and lots of time on my hands just might make some CB. Make up some of Case's cast iron English muffins and hollandaise sauce and have some good eats.
  13. Rich Dahl

    The Humor Thread

  14. Rich Dahl

    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Barb who works as Safeway cashier said the same thing, people are starting to calm down a little. They have six foot lines on the floors leading to the checkouts and she said that most all of the people are cooperating and telling her thank you for being there to help them. But of course you...
  15. Rich Dahl

    Genesis 1000 Redhead Restoration

    Amazing work, you took a derelict and made a new grill out of it. Certainty a lot of work and time but the end result was worth it.
  16. Rich Dahl

    Lack of rehab pickups

    Jon, I think you're correct. I found a nice green non-assist performer for $40, five minuets away. I want to convert my gas kettle back to charcoal and sell it and move the gas kit into the performer. I called and the guy said he had just taken the ad down, he didn't want any contact with the...
  17. Rich Dahl

    How much can you get for a black sidewinder?

    You're right Jon they are great grills. We bought our 2009 NG E320 about six years ago and it's are summer oven and winter quick burger or steak grill. It gets used a lot. Cooks really well and with the NG the bottle never runs out. The only thing I've replaced is the battery in the ignitor...
  18. Rich Dahl

    Pulled Pork Overnighter

    Pat, I created that a long time ago, this will be the 20th year since I made the first batch. I've tinkered with it over the years but always go back to the original recipe which is the one you have. I even tried it on a ribeye steak and surprisingly it was quite good. I've shared it with many...
  19. Rich Dahl

    Nice 2200 for sale

    I don't know why I'm looking at Weber's on CL I've got ten already.
  20. Rich Dahl

    Pulled Pork Overnighter

    That's what I'm talkin about, love it when they put the shoulders on sale. I always get two, grind one and smoked the other for PP. Yours looks great.